Private Agent Cheating outside state passengers Caught by KSRTC Vigilance.

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

In a recent memory,it was come to KSRTC that Two passengers from Orissa who had come to Majestic to travel to Mangalore from Bangalore was hard done by a local agent collecting Rs. 3000 for two tickets of Rs.796 in KSRTC bus.

In this regard,a vigilance team was formed in Kempegowda Bus Station looking out for such unscrupulous persons and take necessary action under the leadership of Divisional Controller, Kempegowda Bus Station.

Today on 14th October,in the morning,two persons from Orissa state who had come by train from Orissa to Bangalore and then arrived in Majestic to travel to Mangalore,were accosted by a private agent named Gangaraju,took Rs.2600 from the Orissa passengers to board a KSRTC bus from Kempegowda bus Station.

On suspicion,vigilance team interrogated the said persons and the private agent and found,private agent has collected Rs.2600/- from them for two tickets Rs 796/- to Mangalore.

Immediately,Vigilance team on knowing Gangaraju,Private agent cheating the outside passengers took him to Upparpet Police Station and got registered him under 420 section and further is on.