Mangaluru: CISF PSI attempts suicide; hospitalized

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

W oman PSI attached to CISF attempted suicide by shooting herself with service pistol in Mangaluru on Tuesday evening .

The officer identified as Jyothi Bai was deployed at NMPT main gate when the incident occurred.

The police recovered a suicide note from her addressed to her mother apologising and stating that she is taking the extreme step on her own and no one is responsible.she said that dejected in life led her to take the extreme step.

The injured jyothi admitted to AJ hospital where she underwent surgery.

Initial probe reveal that jyothi hails from bharatpur in rajasthan had taken extreme step due to family problems.

jyothi’s husband Om veer singh is assistant commandant at MRPL .