New shipyards commissioned at West Bengal- inaugurated by Union Minister SarbanandaSonowal

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:A new shipbuilding facility at Cochin Shipyard has been commissioned in the state. Union Minister SarbanandaSonowal inaugurated the shipbuilding center at Nazirganj in Howrah. He dedicated that center to the nation.The Minister of Shipping, Ports and Waterways was present at the event in Nazirganj on Tuesday. Union Minister of State Shantanu Thakur and other high-ranking officials were with him on this day. The Minister revealed that this center is being developed under the name of ‘Hooghly-Cochin Shipyard’. He said, “Apart from the development of national waterways, this center will also fulfill the requirement of environment-friendly watercraft.Along with the economic development of the local area, there will be direct and indirect employment. Besides, there will be development of small, medium and subsidiary industries.”

Incidentally, the 200-year-old Hooghly Dock and Port Engineers Limited company in Nazirganj has been rebranded as ‘Hooghly-Cochin Shipyard’.