General Manager Sanjeev Kishore Felicitates Staff For Exemplary Safety Consciousness

Yogesh K Porwar & Siddarth Sethia

General Manager,Sanjeev Kishore felicitated the staff of SWR,who showed exemplary safety consciousness and displayed alertness in averting untoward incidents.

On 08.06.2022,Ravi Kumar Meena,Station Master of Chitrad urga,noticed a Slack Adjusting Barrel (SAB) rod cut in hanging condition in a goods wagon and he informed Guard and Loco Pilot for attention under instructions of Carriage & Wagon Controller.The timely action of the Station Master prevented a major safety mishap.

On 12.06.2022,Siddesh R, Loco Pilot (LP) & Shri Valimikumar, Asst.Loco Pilot (ALP) Goods train, while approaching Koravangala station, observed smoke in the Loco and Loco Pilot immediately applied emergency brake and stopped the train at Koravangala Station.

Fire extinguishers available in engine and at station were used and the fire brought to control. Fire brigade was also called from Hassan by station master.Thus, the alertness of LP & ALP prevented a major fire incident.

On 25.06.2022, Donigal Station Master received information from Damodar Paswan,Key man/Sakaleshpur, that seven elephants were seen between Kadagaravalli –Donigal near the track.

Station Master issued caution order to whistle freely to the loco pilot of subsequent trains.The timely message conveyed by Shri Damodar Paswan/Key man/Sakaleshpur prevented run over of elephants.

On 29.06.2022, Shri Praveen. T, Loco Pilot (LP) & Shri Gokul Bhat, Asst. Loco Pilot (ALP) of Train No. 07379, observed a tree falling towards track by touching Overhead Equipment (OHE) between Kulem – Kalem section.

Loco Pilot applied emergency brakes and stopped the train and informed all concerned to take necessary action.Thus,the timely action of LP & ALP averted a major mishap.

Additional General Manager,P K Mishra and Principal Chief Safety Officer, Shri Alok Tiwari have appreciated the alertness and prompt action by these staff.