Food delivery executive beaten by customer for asking remaining amount of bill

Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)

A 50-year-old food delivery executive was beaten up and push from the stairs of third floor when he asked for the remaining amount of the bill, which the accused had ordered.

The victim,Girish AK,sustained multiple injuries and treated at the hospital before filing a complaint with the Amruthahalli police on Tuesday.

Girish,in his complaint,said that he was working for Chings restuarant in Bhuvaneshwari Nagar in Amruthahalli as delivery executive,from where the accused Reddy had ordered Chicken Biryani and a bottle of Pepsi.

Though Reddy paid online for Biryani he did not pay for the Beverages following which the cashier had asked Girish to get the cash from Reddy after delivery.

Girish went to Reddy’s apartment situated on Dasarahalli main road and after delivery asked to pay cash for the beverages he had ordered .

Irritated by this Reddy started hurling abuses at him for which Girish objected.Enraged by this Reddy slapped Girish and pushed him from the stairs .

Girish lost balance and tumbled down and sustained multiples injuries.He went to the hospital to get treatment and informed the cashier about the incident before filing a complaint with the police .

The police went to the apartment to secure Reddy’s custody but he is absconding.Efforts are on to track him down.

Based on the complaint,the police have registered a case of assault and criminal intimidation and efforts are on to track down the accused Nagarjun Reddy, who is presently on the run said a senior officer.