State forms State Institute for Transformation of Karnataka on the lines of NITI Aayog at the Centre

Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)

The State government has issued an order forming the State Institute for Transformation of Karnataka(SITK),in place of Karnataka State Policy and Planning Commission,on the lines of NITI Aayog at the Centre.

The new institution has been created to realise the mission of building a New Karnataka for a New India.

The Vice Chairperson for SITK,an expert in government planning and other issues, would be appointed soon.

The State government would provide Rs.150 cr annually to enable SITK to function effectively and achieve its goals.

It would have 8 domain experts representing the fields of planning,economics,social welfare,rural development,education,health,agriculture, science and technology,skills development, employment and clean energy as advisers.


It would have planning,economics,social welfare,rural development,education,health, agriculture,science and technology,skills development,employment and clean energy sections.

Domain experts

Additional Secretary in the department of Planning, programme implementation and statistics would function as the Chief Executive Officer and Adviser for the SITK.

Domain experts in poverty alleviation,revenue, food and nutrition,simplification of services, clean and Green energy,resources management, gender equality,industry and infrastructure, innovation and skills development would also be appointed.


The state government will nominate 14 renowned government and non-government organisations including IISc,IIMB,NLSU as stakeholders in the institute.