A Holy Conspiracy – A must watch movie

The Holy Conspiray is receiving accolades in various prestigious film festivals, Directed by Saibal Mitra, the movie is a masterpiece to watch.
The story is about how a teacher of science denies teaching a book of religion before his usual science class which is then blown out of proportion, getting him arrested. A trial follows that questions the importance and need of science versus religion.
Starring two powerhouse performers Naseeruddin Shah and late Soumitra Chattopadhyay in the pivotal roles, A Holy Conspiracy is based on the famous play Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee.
A Holy Conspiracy hits home with its argument — citizens’ constitutional right to differ in religious belief as much as to have a particular faith and protect it. The film is remarkably intelligent and uses logic instead of the usual fiery dialogues on humanity and that everyone is born equal. It talks about the politics of religion as it turns out that there’s a sinister plan involving a local politician Babu Soren who uses the issue for his gain.