CM KCR: Telangana as a handbook to guide the country: CM KCR‌

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana( Andhra Pradesh)


Hyderabad: After the emergence of Telangana, in these 8 years, it has become a handbook to guide the country, said CM KCR. He hoisted the national flag at the Public Garden as part of the Emergence Day celebrations. On the occasion, KCR wished the people of the state a happy Emergence Day. Describes the programs undertaken by the state government and the progress made. Much progress has been made. He said that the country stands as an ideal in the IT and industrial sectors.

“We have topped the country with a growth rate of 17.24 per cent between 2014-19. Achieved self-sufficiency in the field of electricity. The Mission Bhagiratha scheme has become an ideal for many states. There are no Bindela melees or battles for drinking water in the state. Improved infrastructure in government hospitals. Telangana is one of the top 3 states in the country providing the best medical services. After the formation of Telangana, we have replaced 35 lakh jobs. We are replacing another 90 thousand. We are implementing 95% reservation for local candidates.

Equal priority for welfare and development.

Significant progress has been made in all areas as compared to the Union Government. We give equal importance to welfare and development. We are implementing many schemes in humanitarian sense. Achieved self-sufficiency in the field of electricity. The Mission Bhagiratha scheme has become an ideal for many states. In these 8 years, Telangana has achieved achievements that no other state in the country has achieved in 75 years. By the time the state was formed .. it did not look like it is today.

Significant change in the lives of SCs with Dalits

Economic growth, increase in per capita income, power supply, drinking water .. Irrigation, public welfare, industry, IT, the state is the ideal of the country. We are completing irrigation projects in the state  quickly. We have already stabilized over 15 lakh acres. The state government has undertaken several programs for the welfare of SCs. Rs 17,700 crore has been allocated in the budget for Dalitbandhu. The scheme will bring significant change in the lives of SCs.

Economically debilitating plots ..

Central ownership of the states in the name of joint inventory is increasing. Strong center .. moving forward with the theory of weak states. Committing conspiracies to weaken the states financially. The economic sanctions imposed by the Center have become a stumbling block for Telangana. Showing discrimination at every step. Our state adheres to financial discipline. We are collecting loans subject to FRBM limit. The economic sanctions imposed on the states should be lifted immediately. We must stop draining the rights of the states. Put many curries for grain purchases. We are not ready to put the burden on the farmers in terms of meters.

What’s next?

The central government does not have a proper target. There is no other discussion in the country except madness. At the heart of a rudderless novel is a windy administration. Why is there poverty even after 75 years of independence? Who is responsible for the inability to use resources properly? A progressive agenda is needed to solve the country’s problems. The country needs clarity on the newest destination, the goal. We need to make a fundamental change in the lives of the people. How many more years will we be fighting caste and religion? The country is getting entangled in hate politics, ”KCR said.