Dance out of Poverty brings a special surprise for Ganesh Acharya as he promotes Dehati Disco in Delhi

New delhi Choreographer Ganesh Acharya recently made a visit to Delhi for promoting his upcoming film Dehati Disco.

During the event, Master Ji received a token of appreciation from the kids of Dance out of Poverty where they showcased their talent by performing on the songs of Dehati Disco. Ganesh Acharya was extremely happy and mentioned how lucky these kids were to receive a platform like Dance out of Poverty to exceed in their life. He added, “I received their request to meet on social media platform and I am delighted to watch them perform. I am pleased to know how dance connects everyone in various ways and I hope these kids do great in their life ahead.”
Dehati Disco is a film based on dance and how a father (Bhola) fulfils his incomplete wish of dancing along with his Son (Bheema). During the event in Delhi Ganesh Acharya spoke of Saksham Sharma and how brilliant the kid is, not just with dancing but with acting as well. One could easily notice the close bond between the reel Father and Son during the event. Unravel the story of Dehati Disco in theatres near you.
Dehati Disco starring Ganesh Acharya and Super Dance-Chapter 3 finalist Saksham Sharma, directed by Manoj Sharma, produced by Gitesh Chandrakar, Vaseem Qureshi and Kamal Kishor,