Musician Hamsalekha questioned by Basavanagudi police over remarks on Pejavar Matha seer

Thomas (Special correspondent) 

Noted musician Hamsalekha on Thursday appeared before Basavanagudi police for questioning and recorded his statement following a case registered against him over a remark on Pejawar seer.

Two cases have been registered against Hamsalekha in Basavanagudi police a week ago following which the police summoned him for questioning on Thursday.

High drama prevailed in front of the station for sometime after a group belonging to pro-hindu outfit gathered and shouted slogans against Hamsalekha and actor Ahimsa Chetan who came to extend his support to Hamsalekha.

The group also shouted slogans and pro and against Hamsalekha leading to a tense situation for sometime.The Basavanagudi police convinced both the group to maintain peace and not to disturb law and order .

A senior police officer said that an investigation officer recorded the statement of Hamsalekha and he was questioned over the remarks he made during his public speech and recorded his statement.

He clarified that he had no intention to hurt any person or group and he mentioned it according to a situation during his speech.But it is being dragged unnecessary even though I apologised a day later.

As the video clip went viral and snowballed into a controversy on social media,Hamsalekha made a video statement of an unconditional apology and not intent to hurting anyone he added.