Bengaluru bears brunt of flooded roads, incessant rain,Yelahanka, Manyata tech park flooded after heavy rains,MLA and Chief Commissioner visit to Kendriya Vihar apartments

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

Due to the heavy rain in the city,in the Yelahanka zone,in the Kempegowda ward limits,Yelahanka Lake over-flowed and water flooded into Kendriya Vihar and surrounding areas and local MLA SR Vishwanath and Chief commissioner of BBMP Gaurav Gupta along with Joint Commissioner Poornima,Chief Engineer,Ranganath and other officers were present they visited the spot and reviewed the situation.

Last night around 2AM around 130mm rain was recorded in the Yelahanka zone and the Yelahanka Lake over-flowed when the wall broke and water flowed inside the Kendriya Vihar apartments and water was at 4 feet height and was flooded.

The apartment has 604 flats and 1,600 residents. Residents were helped with milk, biscuits,candel, bread and drinking water facilities.18 NDRF teams used boats and tractors to ferry the residents in and out from the apartment.

They ensured that no one faced any difficulties. The Palike’s revenue department reached out to the homes and assessed the damages caused due to the flooding.

The medical team from the Palike was present, eight doctors were deployed in the place.During the 24 hours,a doctor and a team with basic life support ambulance was provided for the residents if they face any medical emergencies. If any residents wants to reach hospitals, they could use the ambulance for admissions.

Chief commissioner of BBMP, Gaurav Gupta said that there was 130mm rain in the Yelahanka zone and due to which the lake wall broke and water heavily flowed in the Rajakaluve and to the apartments near by and got flooded.

From the Palike,we have assisted residents with food,milk and other necessary essentials and was distributed and necessary action has been taken.

The water which is clogged in the apartment has been channelized towards the kaluve.The kaluve which connects Yelahanka Lake to Jakkur lake is 8-feet and it has been requested to the government to expand the kaluve to 33 feet. In this regard,necessary action will be taken by the officials.

Meanwhile several areas in the north and north-west of Bengaluru were battered by heavy rains on November 21 evening.

Apart from basements of several apartments getting flooded, rain water inundated several homes in many localities in Yelahanka zone and parts of Mahadevapura zone.

According to initial reports,the Singapura lake, Amanikere lake,and Allalasandra lake have overflowed and transformed roads in the vicinity into rivulets. Several houses were inundated, with residents unable to get out of their homes.

Among the areas affected by the rains was Manyata Tech Park, one of the largest tech parks in north Bengaluru,which was flooded.Some employees had to return home as they were unable to reach their office buildings.