Bagaluru Gram Panchayat President booked for insulting Dalit Vice-president

Thomas (Special correspondent)

Controversial president of Bagaluru Gram Panchayat has been accused of insulting dalit vice president by washing the official chair with cow urine,cow dung and water,which she was using in his absence after assuming the charge.

Taking a strong objection to this incident,BJP SC Morcha state president,Chalavadi Narayanaswamy on Monday filed a complaint with the Bagaluru police seeking immediate arrest of J Munegowda and also demanded necessary protection to the victim.

In his complaint Mr.Narayanaswamy said that the accused Munegowda,representing congress party has been disqualified from the post following a complaint of embezzlement of funds by him through a fake bank account.

After his disqualification,Vice President Yashodamma assumed charges to run the office .

However three days after his disqualification,the accused approached the court challenging the disqualification and got a stay order .

He returned to the office to assumed the charges and found that his chair has been used by a dalit woman brought the chair outside the office and cleaned it .

The incident was video recorded and was circulated on social media prompting the dalit community leaders and the party members to swung into action to take up legal action.

This incident is a classic example on how the congress party treating dalits,Mr,Narayanaswamy said adding that even the opposition party leaders made a statement against Dalits in Sindagi and later refuted he added.