BBMP Chief Commissioner inspects various developmental project & Rain hit areas instructs to take relief measures

Thomas (Special correspondent)

Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta on Wednesday at around 11.30am to 2.30pm inspected the rain-hit places, initiated projects, Rajakaluve and filling of potholes and other works in Rajarajeshwari Nagar zone and South zone.

Mysuru Highway (near BDA Housing Complex ) Rajakaluve development work inspection:

Rajarajeshwari zone,Yeshwanthpur assembly constituencies, Hemmigepura ward- 198, Mysuru Highway near BDA housing complex at the cost of Rs.19.20 crore Rajakaluve wall construction and directing the water flow through the culvert construction progress was inspected.

During this inspection, the commissioner directed the officials to further speeden the work and complete it as soon as possible to Special Commissioner (Projects) and other officials of the project.

Inspection of Akkamahadevi Kalyana Mantapa back side area in ward number- 160 :

In the limits of Rajarajeshwari ward 160 behind Akkamahadevi Kalyana Mantapa during the recent rains animals had been washed away in the Rajakaluve and to prevent nothing happens in the future, a preventive side wall construction to be taken up as soon as possible by calling for work tender and have to take up this work, instructed the commissioner.

Inspection of Pramod Layout in ward-160 :

In the limits of ward- 160 Pramod Layout, during the rains the water had gushed into surrounding roads and there were enough damages occurred.

Hence, the layout Rajakaluve to have a preventive side wall construction to be taken up as soon as possible after calling work tenders,instructed the chief commissioner to officials.

South zone ward 165 Rajakaluve inspection :

In the South Zone Padmanabanagara assembly constituency Ganesha temple ward- 165 limits Rajakaluve inspection was done and the Rajakaluve has been filled with unnecessary materials and water flow has been obstructed due to it and surrounding areas have been facing problems.

Therefore,immediately whatever waste has been collected in the Rajakaluve to be cleaned and ensure smooth flow of water within 2-3 days and they have to submit a report about the work to Strom Water Drain-Chief Engineer has been instructed.

The Jayadeva Hospital junction in the South zone limits was inspected and surrounding areas were reviewed for various developmental works.

Along with it,during the recent rains the roads have been further damaged and filling of potholes to be taken up even faster and complete the work, instructed commissioner to All Zonal Joint Commissioner and Chief Engineers he added.