CID Cyber Crime police busted inter-state sextrap racket & arrested trio including two truck drivers

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The cybercrime officials of the Criminal investigation Department busted a sextrap racket and arrested three persons including two truck drivers from Bharatpur Rajasthan luring and blackmailing people after recording their private videos.

Senior officer told reporters,Based on two such complaints received,a team of officials led by  inspector,Nayaz Ahmed tracked down the accused identified as Sakir Pahari,Kasam Khan and Jamil Khan from their hometown Bharathpura in Rajasthan.

During investigation it was found that Kasam and Jamil Khan are truck drivers while Sakir was unemployed and friend of the accused ganged up to operate the racket since the first lock down.

The accused are school dropouts but are being trained by their handler,a police officer said, adding that efforts are on to track him down.

It is well known modus in recent months, that the general public are:

largely being victimised of sextortion incidents by Cyber Criminals.The cyber criminals in the guise of women,befriends the victims on social media
platforms,take them on video calls,induce them to stripe and capture their private images and videos without their knowledge and consent.

Later,they start demanding ransom regularly from the victims by blackmailing them to share their private images and videos to their family, friends and known person over social media .

Two such incidents were reported at Cyber Crime Police Station,CID in the months of February and March this year.

Cases have been registered and taken up for investigation by the team of officers and staff led by Nayaz Ahamed, Police Inspector, Cyber Crimes Division, C.I.D. under the supervision of Senior Officers of Cyber Crime Division and CID.

Until now several accused persons from Rajasthan and Haryana state have
been arrested for involvement in commission of the crime in said case.

During the course investigation,it is learnt that the team of culprits targets the general public who are on social media accounts such as Facebook,Instagram and other social media platforms and gather their personal information.

They send friend requests in the guise of a woman and befriend them on social media and start to chat with them.

Later they take victimised persons on video calls impersonating as a girl (not actually a girl,but made to visible as a genuine girl though malafide applications), induce the victims to strip their clothes and capture their private images and videos without their knowledge and consent.

After this, they start to extort the victim regularly by blackmailing to share his images and videos in obscene manner to victims’ friends and relatives on social media and harm their image and reputation in the society.

The Cyber crime CID officials advised to not fall prey to such frauds and exercise caution while accepting any friend request from unknown person/s especially from the girls.

Privacy controls provided by the social media sites may be used to avoid any misuse of information.

In case of any instances,where the demand for money is made,report the incidents to jurisdictional Cyber Crime/ CEN Police Stations immediately it added .