City based social activists files Complaint against smart city project for manual scavenging

Thomas (Special correspondent) 

A City based social activist filed a complaint with managing director of smart city alleging that a company who is working for smart city project on contract is practicing manual scavenging.

Mr.Vinay Srinivasa in his complaint to Rajendra Cholan,BBMP Commissioner and also CC to city police commissioner said that on Monday he noticed two labourers working for Amrut construction cleaning clogged manhole manually without safety gears on the busy infantry road.

When Mr.Srinivasa called the contractors,they confirmed the cleaning saying that machines can’t clean the clogged manhole hence they using labourers.

The labourers said that they have not given any safety gears and were cleaning the filth manually using a bucket.

This is clear violations


under prohibition of employment as manual scavengers and their rehabilitation act,he said in his complaint.