September deadline to address pothole menace – Revenue Minister,R Ashoka instructs officials to fill potholes quickly

Thomas (Special correspondent)

The last four months of rainfall have resulted in potholes on the roads in BBMP limits. Revenue Minister R Ashok said that the officials have been instructed to fill the potholes on the roads quickly.

The meeting was attended by BBMP Chief Commissioner,Gaurav Gupta,Special Commissioners,Manoj Jain,Randeep,Reddy Shankara babu,Dayanand,Basavaraj,Tulsi Maddineni and Dr Harish Kumar,Ravindra,with all joint commissioners,chief engineers and other officials were present.

He was speaking to media persons after attending a meeting regarding taking precautionary measures to avoid mishaps due to rainfall.

He said instructions have been given to fill potholes on the 1,332-km-long major roads by 20 September and 85,791-long roads at ward level by 30 September.If rains increase,the potholes will also continue to form and they must be filled up simultaneously.

The pothole filling is a continual process.The problems arise when the Water Board and BESCOM dig the roads,he said and added that a coordination meeting will be held with senior officials of BBMP,Water Board and BESCOM and roads will be repaired.He added that the officials have been instructed to provide information about the location.

Around 20 loads of asphalt from the hot mix plant will be supplied to 8 zones every day and the potholes will be filled.

Engineers must be present during the pothole filling process.The surrounding area of the pothole must be cleaned and quality work must be ensured while filling the potholes.

Each pothole has been geo-tagged and the details on where the pothole is filled and its photograph will be available on the BBMP website,R Ashoka said.

“Ganeshotsava guidelines”.

Revenue Minister R Ashoka further said that idol immersion during Ganesh Chaturthi will be allowed from morning till 9 pm in kalyanis near the selected lakes identified by BBMP/artificial pits.

Only 4 feet tall Ganesha idols installed at public places will be allowed to be immersed in kalyanis/pits.

The kalyanis/pits will be barricaded to avoid inconvenience.Organisations/public will be not be permitted to directly immerse the idols.

The swimmers deployed by BBMP will immerse the idols which will be placed near the barricade. This will be efficiently handled by police officers and BBMP assistance executive engineers.

Necessary measures will be taken to see that Covid guidelines are not violated at Ganesha idol immersion sites,he said.

Mobile tanks will be available at every ward for people who are installing Ganesha idols at home. He requested the public to immerse the Ganesha idols in the mobile tanks.

The Ganeshotsava celebration committees must ensure that only 20 people at a time are allowed to worship the Ganesha idol at the venue.

Information on Ganesha idol immersion will be provided through loudspeakers in the mobile tanks.Five days will be provided for Ganesha idol installation and will not be allowed after five days,he said.

“Door-to-door health survey”

BBMP doctors are conducting a door-to-door survey under ‘Palike Vaidyaru Nimma Manege’(BBMP doctors at your doorstep) initiative.

In the past 21 days, they have visited 2,48,280 houses and tested 7,11,648. Among them 22,362 were Covid positive, 4,39,777 had taken the first dose of vaccine, 1,67,081 had taken the second dose, 57,528 had co-morbidities, 50.8% had diabetes, 35.82% blood pressure, 2.48% heart-related diseases, and 2.99% thyroid. The survey has achieved 90% of the target and will be completed within the given timeframe, he said.