Software Engineer assaulted and robbed at knife point by two armed men

Thomas (Special correspondent)

The Byappanahalli police are on the lookout for two armed men who assaulted and robbed a 23-year-old software engineer while he was on his way to office on the  Horamavu railway bridge on Tuesday night.

The victim,Dinesh Kumar S resident of Hoysala Nagar was on his way to office for his night shift when two men blocked his way at Railway track above Horamavu underpass.

Since the area was deserted and the duo taking advantage of the situation pulled out a knife and demanded him to hand over valuables.

Sensing trouble Dinesh handed them over his belongings including his laptop bag,phone and wallet which contained Rs 90.

The duo quickly checked and got agitated and started threatening him for more money .

Meanwhile a train started to approach and the duo started forcing him towards the train threatening to push him under the moving train when he started resisting.

The accused started to attack him with the knife whenever he tried to run,the ordeal continued when one of them kept the knife on Dinesh’s  throat and demanded money .

For his luck Dinesh’s brother called to check on him.The duo handed over the phone to speak and get the money.

The brother soon realized Dinesh was in trouble, he transferred money,spoke to the accused and started searching for him.

After realizing that the money was transferred to his mobile, one of the accused took the mobile,  wore a Dinesh Jacket and went to a liquor shop to buy drinks.

But Dinesh had given him the wrong mobile password.Meanwhile the other armed accused continue to torture Dinesh pinning him down on the railway track .

Few minutes later,Dinesh’s brother along with his friends came in search of him and noticed him on the railway track .

Sensing trouble the accused threw the laptop bag and escaped in the dark .Immediately Dinesh,his brother and friends went near the liquor shop to look for the other accused,but he too ran away after dumping the mobile phone on the road.

With the help of his brother Dinesh was admitted to hospital for treatment.Based on the medico legal case,the police rushed to the spot and took the statement.

Dinesh in his complaint said that the accused had taken away his airpods,worth Rs 1,700 , jacket,silver neck chain worth Rs.900 and cash 90 .

The accused are in the age group of 22 to 25 and one of them had a scar on his hand,Dinesh said.

Based on the physical description the police have set a massive manhunt for the accused and further investigation is on.