Medical superintendent of Private hospital booked under cheating

Thomas (Special correspondent)

Medical Superintendent of Appolo hospital has been booked under cheating and forgery following a complaint by city based social activist T.Narasimha Murthy against Dr.N.Umesh with High ground police on Tuesday.

Mr.Murthy said that he had filed a complaint against Dr.Umesh and the hospital with the Karnataka Medical council for cheating and other criminal acts of the hospital while handing a covid case in October last year .

In response to the complaint,Dr.Umesh had filed his reply with the KMC along with the letter containing the forged signature of Mr.Murthy .

The incident came to light when Mr.Murthy attended the hearing on August 14 this year and realized that the petition was filed by Dr.Umesh along with the set of documents including the letter containing his signature was fake.

Based on the complaint the police have charged Dr Umesh under section 464 ( making false documents in the name of a fictitious person) , 465 (forgery for the purpose of cheating,471 (fraudulently using forged documents as genuine) and further investigations are on.