Is Afghanistan is really safe!?

-Priyanka Chawla

Taliban’s are back to Afghanistan & Kabul and take over the presidential place. After seeing this Ashraf Ghani flee the country. Taliban’s are very scary and terrifying for the country and people living there. In this situation thousands of people killed, injured and burned. People hiding in parks, in other areas where the government have some security control but it is all matter of time before Taliban’s finds them.

People living in Kabul are stressed up for the families, their lives, their properties. People are trying to stock up the food, goods, money and trying to leave the country as soon as possible through flights, trains, cars or even through walking.

Women’s and girls’ living there facing lifetime of rape and sexual servitude to Taliban’s in Afghanistan control over region. Even Taliban’s are forcing jihadists commanders to bring the list of unmarried girls for their soldiers to marry and they are showing this as ‘qhanimat’ or ‘spoils of war’ they divided among the victims and Taliban’s soldiers going door to door for their prizes (young girls) to give them a lifetime sexual servitude.

Taliban’s have harsh restrictions imposed on women’s:-

Women’s in Afghanistan are not allowed to leave the house without any male family member or relative and it’s very mandatory that wear full covered burqa.

All girls over the age of 15 and widows younger than 40 are forced to marry Taliban’s fighters.

Women’s are forced to out of their job in Kandahan, women’s are ordered to leave the job and sent any male member on their behalf.

Female students and professors were not allowed to enter university by the Taliban restrictions.

Women judges in Afghanistan said they already gathered all the information they need so there is no place to hide from them this is a matter of time they will find them. And even males are ordered to go mosque five times to do prayers and families with more than one male member has to join Taliban military.