Covid -19 Vaccine registration now available through Whatsapp

(By- Jyoti Takkar)

Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease and Coronavirus pandemic has changed complete lifestyle of people. It has influenced people’s lives and has created so many chaos around the world.

After complete shut down of countries for a year and even more than a year, vaccination drives have become an important part for each and every country.

As soon as vaccinations were adopted all over the world, Indian government introduced different vaccination centers for people’s facility to get vaccinated. Vaccination centers got placed all over the country and vaccination process became more and more vital. Starting vaccination process helped so many countries in recovery from covid.

Earlier, it became difficult for so many people to register themselves because as soon as vaccinations got introduced people started trying to get vaccinated as soon as possible in order to keep themselves and their family safe and protected from coronavirus disease.

But now, with more and more facilities increasing we can now book our vaccination slots through whatsapp app. It is has become an ease for so many people. Government’s initiative towards getting pre-coronavirus time back is getting contributed towards public health.

According to chief of WHO ‘India might be entering the endemic stage’. That is true because, we as a society of people can make it work by following covid protocols we are learning to live this way.

It is really important to take our personal initiative and get vaccinated, now easily booking slots for free through whatsapp.