Citizen participation programme important to maintain a clean city: BBMP Chief Commissioner

Avanth Kumar Kankaria

Citizen participation programme plays an important role in maintaining the city clean. The programme will ensure that in a decentralised system, zonal/constituency/ward level coordinators and Shuchi Mitras in Block level and volunteers at lane level will work towards maintaining cleanliness in the city, said BBMP Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta.

BBMP-recognized Citizen Participation launched by BBMP Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta in the presence of Justice Subhash B Adi, Chairman,NGT State Level Monitoring Committee for Solid Waste Management, (SWM) Karnataka, Special Commissioners, Dr. Harish Kumar, D. Randeep, Reddy Shankar Babu, Dayanand, Basavaraju, Joint Commissioner Sarfaraj Khan, All Zonal Joint Commissioners, Marshals, Citizens and others were present.*

speaking on the occasion,said in accordance with the motto of our waste is our responsibility, people representatives, BBMP officials and citizens must participate and make the city cleaner.

Programme at Puttanna Chetti Purabhavana in the city. He said junior observers and marshals in BBMP limits are working actively to dispose of garbage in the city.

The citizens must proactively join hands with the BBMP officials to keep the city clean, he added.

BBMP has taken several programmes related to solid waste management in coordination with the citizens, he said and observed that this needs to be maintained properly.

Underlying problems must be identified and work towards improving them. A new organisation for solid waste has been set up in which the responsibilities of BBMP will continue. The new organisation will supplement the works of BBMP, he said.

He said that everyone must strictly segregate the waste according to solid waste management rules – 2016. It is the responsibility of all to keep the city clean.

The garbage generated at the respective ward level should be processed there itself, he said. Waste generated at home must be segregated separately into dry,wet and sanitary waste,he added.

It is important to create awareness in citizens on segregating the waste.Most of the waste produced in the city is being disposed of in landfills, he noted.

It is a crime to dispose of the waste in landfills, he said.This also pollutes the environment and hence it is important to take strict measures to dispose of waste at the source, he noted.

“The responsibilities of coordinators, Shuchi Mitra, and volunteers under the Citizen participation programme”.

1.Zonal/constituency/ward level coordinators:

-Take support from block volunteers and work with ward level solid waste management (SWM) officials. (BBMP/BSWML/Marshal) .
-To track block performance on segregation.
-To track Sahaya complaints.
-To track penalties levied
-To monitor the performance of SWM units in the ward.
-To identify gaps To conduct training sessions as a Master Trainer.
-To take responsibility for the Citizen Participation program at the Ward Level.

2.”Shuchi Mithra at block level”.

-To take inputs from the Lane volunteers & work with the auto drivers, supervisors, link workers, Marshalls
-To watch and report on the door to door collection.
-To carry out information and awareness sessions on 3-way segregation.
-To track the black spots in the block.
-To take responsibility for the Citizen Participation program at the Block.

3.”Volunteer at lane level”.

-To inform the block volunteer.
-To watch and report on the door to door collection.
-To promote 3-way segregation.