Identify unsung heroes serving selflessly in police force at station level says Pant

Pramesh S Jain.Yogesh K Porwar

City police commissioner,Kamal Pant asked the senior officials to identify and list unsung heroes in the department at the station level who are dedicated and serving selflessly for the betterment of the society.

This would not only encourage the deserving personnel but also motivate them to keep doing good work.

For investigating any case,it is always a team work and many of them in the team had worked harder than the investigating officer to crack the case.

However when it comes to reward the Investigating officer always gets the credit and his team are sidelined.

Such personnel who are part of the investigating team and contribute majorly are unsung heroes who should get their due recognition,Kamal Pant,said.

A mechanism should be in place to identify such personnel who should be recognised and motivated to perform better, he added.

According to the orders the senior police officers have been asked to get the details of such officers who are responsible for cracking important and sensational and long pending cases .

The city police commissioner also asked the officials to identify citizens who helped police in law and order,crime detection and also averting grave situations.

The police officers who donated blood many times and took up social causes to improve police public relations .

A police officer who is proactive in containing social evils like drug abuses,gambling and serving summons and executing warrants .

Traffic police who are proactive and enforcing traffic discipline in a public friendly manner.

The process has already kickstarted with police officials preparing a list and sending it to the commissioner office along with the details of the work .

Such personnels are called and rewarded by the Commissioner of police at his office along with a minute in his service record as a brownie point  .