Drunk miscreants assaulted four policemen in Bengaluru

Thomas (Special correspondent)

Four policemen including a head constables and three of his colleagues attached to Kodigehalli police station was beaten up publicly by a group of eight drunk men when they went to attend a road rage incident under Airport road flyover near petrol pump on Saturday night .

Senior officer told reporters,Head Constable, Arun Koalakar was on night round when he received a message from Inspector asking him to attend a commotion reported under the busy airport flyover leading to huge traffic block.

Koalakar along with his colleague Anand Nyamegowda,rushed to the spot and see a huge crowd of 100 people gathered and blocked the main road.

By then his colleagues Lohith Angadiger and Praveen Kumar joined him.The four went to the scene to find a group of eight drunk men assaulting two men in a car.

Koalakar when intervened to rescue two men,but the agitated mob attacked them despite they are warning them that they are policemen and keep showing their ID cards.

The accused abuses and snatched the lathis from the cops and beat them,kicked punched and abused them,while the crowd looked on.

The policemen under attack managed to inform the inspector about the situation who rushed to the spot with the backup force.By then the accused had fled the scene in their car .

The two men who were beaten up by the drunkards identified themselves as Vinod and Praveen.

They told the police that the accused chased and beat them up over road rage and blocked the traffic.

The police managed to note down the registration number in which the accused have fled for further investigations.

Based on the complaint from Koalakar,the Kodigehalli police have registered a case against the accused charging them under unlawful assembly,assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharging duties .