Women’s empowerment-An imperative to Economic growth and development.

Economics is the study of understanding and solving the fundamental problem of ‘scarcity’ due to unlimited wants subject to limited resources.Economists have been constantly framing models to estimate and predict future demand,production and supply,determination of prices,employment trends,growth trajectory,policy formulation,need for remodelling economic plans and so on.But a retrospective approach to the analysis of the root cause will provide us with the hidden solution already embedded in the problem itself with which we are struggling since ages.It’s simple!We have scarcity of resources because a large part of Human Resource falling under ‘Womenomics’ have still remained unidentified,untapped and deprived from being utilised efficiently and optimally.

Empowering women does not imply entrusting them with more power but ensuring equal power like men by unlocking their independence through the multi dimensional and multi layered decision making process in social,economical,political,cultural and educational sphere.In the past women have largely been dominated and victimised by patriarchal society in many parts of the world and had to go through challenging intolerable experiences.But currently the need to fight for their coexistence with equal respect and dignity has been precisely recognised by the society and a huge number of open minded men,along with influential women are actively promoting women’s participation to stimulate and advocate gender inclusive decision making process in all dimensions.Action driven policies have been highly initiated against domestic violence and sexual abuse to cushion the wide range of adversities exploding amidst silent crisis of female empowerment.

But despite these rigorous efforts the outcome is still bleak and underscored revealing harsh reality of women status.The greatest barrier posing obstacle is more of inner self derogatory image than external factors setting boundaries.It’s time to stop the self cultivated inherent bias towards female success as elusive and instead start building faith in own capabilities,even if imperfect,to amplify self confidence in order to unleash the incredible potential and unbridle the blatant dynamism boosting economic growth,political stability and social development.
By Sreejita Mukherjee(Econometrician in the humanitarian sector and an International faculty of Economics).