Bengaluru gets SWAT teams Special weapons and tactics team to combat terrorist activities

Pramesh S Jain.Yogesh K Porwar

The Bengaluru city police on Wednesday inducted two SWAT teams into the city police force assigned to thwart and tackle threat perceptions tactfully.

sandeep Patil,Joint commissioner of police Crime,told reporters,The SWAT team will be deployed at the strategic locations to provide security blanket will respond to any eventuality and perform special tasks during emergencies.

The SWAT team has been carved out of the City Armed Reserve (CAR) unit.It will comprise eight Reserve Sub Inspector (RSI) and 60 staff members.

The personnel are being given eight weeks of special training by the Union government at Agara Centre in bengaluru.

The team is being formed under the guidance of the Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Additional Director General of Police (ADGP),Internal Security, and Joint Commissioner (Crime).

According to him,unlike other elite forces already exists,the SWAT teams are exclusively for the city,specialized in sophisticated weaponry assigned to carry out recce of vital installations across the city and unable to deploy quickly at any given situation.

The SWAT team,a group of 120 personnel from City Armed Reserve have been handpicked and divided into four teams to provide a 8 weeks rigouorous training by the officials from Centre for Counter Terrorism (CCT) of Internal Security Division.

The selected personnel were trained on countering terrorism and naxal issues,anti social activities,providing safety and security cover to the state and central resources and security international events.

The SWAT teams are trained to handle any given situation and trained on handling modern weapons and unarmed combat.

Two SWAT teams have completed the training and are already deployed at the strategic locations,while the remaining two teams will join the fleet soon, Mr. Patil said.

Karnataka has had its own counter-terrorism force since 2010. The Garu da Commandos have been trained to combat terrorism in the state and earlier in February, they trained an all-women team of Garuda commandos.

This team was constituted a decade after the force’s is stated that the women from rural areas across Karnataka underwent training to combat terror attacks and also save victims of such situations.

The team, according to the report,will be based in Bengaluru but also keep an eye on sensitive areas.