BTP temperoarily suspends physical checks of vehicle on road violation will be booked by Digital FTVR:BR Ravikanthe Gowda

Yogesh K Porwar

The Bengaluru traffic police is suspending physical checks of vehicles on the roads keeping the covid pandemic and the safety of the traffic police on duty temperoarily till further orders.

Dr.BR Ravikanthe Gowda,Joint Commissioner of Police,Traffic said that though preventing road accidents and enforcing traffic rules are the primary concern,it is also equally important to ensure personal safety of the traffic police on duty.

The police on duty should resort to checking vehicles using field traffic violation cameras  issued to them.

The police personnel can also make use of  enforcement cameras to record the violations by following social distance,he added.

Mr.Gowda further requested the motorists to follow traffic rules to ensure safety.It is a general tendency observed that many motorists tend to violate traffic rules considering the empty roads and end up in fatal and nonfatal accidents.The only way of avoiding road accidents is to follow traffic rules,he reiterated .