BBMP Commissioner dismisses BBMP staff for destroying Covid19 Swab:

Pramesh S Jain

Two BBMP contract employees dismissed after they found destroying Covid19 Swab and manipulating corona testing kit to reach the target.

The accused has been identified as mohan and Nagaraj were dismissed by BBMP Commissioner,Gaurav Gupta after the video of the staff destroying Covid19 Swab went viral in various social media platforms taking a serious note and after collecting report from the concerned officer Gaurav Gupta dismissed two BBMP staff for destroying Covid19 Swab and ordered for a legal action against those involved in this manipulating practice.

Dr.Premanand BR,Administrative officer, City primary health centre, in his complaint identified the staffer as Hemanth and Nagaraj.

The duo was working in the centre for the last 10 months as Corona swab collector.

They were caught in the mobile camera putting random swab testing sticks into VTM vial without taking samples and testing.

There are four others also heard talking who were later identified as Asha workers kusuma,Prema and Padma and hospital staff Ashok.

The incident occurred when Dr.Premanand had gone out who has stated in his complaint.

The police are now on the lookout for Hemanth and Nagaraj to question them.

Kodigehalli police have filed FIR against the duo charging them under section 177 providing false information and criminal breach of trust against them and further investigation is on.