NIA files charge-sheet against 2 ISIS sympathisers :

Pramesh S Jain

NIA officials on Thursday filed Charge-sheet against Ahamed Abdul Cader and Irfan Nasir charged under sympathizers of ISIS terrorist organisation.

The duo was arrested october last year after the arrest of Dr.Abdul rahman,city based optholmologist in august last year.Cadar is a business analyst in a bank in chennai while Nasir is a rice merchant in Bengaluru

The duo was charged under sections 120B,125 of IPC and sections,17,18 and 18B of Unlawful Activities,(Prevention)Act at NIA Special Court Bengaluru.

According to the official release,both the accused persons were part of a terrorist group which identified impressionable Muslim youth and further motivated,radicalised them and also provided funds for their visit to Syria to further the ideology and activities of banned terrorist organization ISIS.

The NIA registered the case after arresting city based opthalmologist as,Dr.Abdul Rahman who was motivated and sent to Syria to join ISIS in the year 2013-14 by the terrorist group formed by accused .

The NIAs Painstaking investigative efforts resulted into the busting of an ISIS module wherein,the names of various persons responsible for radicalising and funding the visits of Muslim youth from Bengaluru/Karnataka to ISIS area emerged.

It was also revealed that Ahamed Abdul Cader, Irfan Nasir and some of their associates who are members of Hizb-ut-Tahrir (international pan-Islamist and fundamentalist organization), had formed a group namely “Quran Circle” to further their ISIS related activities.

Based on the forensic examination of digital devices seized during the search and meticulous analysis of funds raised and provided by the members of Quran Circle,roles of various accused and suspects located abroad and in India,has emerged which is under investigation in the case.Further Investigation in the case continues a official release by NIA said.