REV UP launch Global Platform for Youth,” INTERNATIONAL CHILD PRODIGY 2020″ , powered by HOVERROBOTIX

Presenting to you “Dea Chaudhary” International Child Prodigy” 2020 showcasing her strengths and exemplary skills

During the pandemic, Revup Life Skills Unit has helped youth Showcase their exponential capabilities and build their strong portfolio by giving world class oppurtunities at the same time. Dr.Nancy Juneja,Founder REVUP said ” we really do hope all the children come out with flying colours even in these hard times”

Dea, Child Prodigy 2020 ,who in the midst of the pandemic was searching for a way to capture her energy, visualize her dreams, and navigate her on the path of excellence.

She thank REVUP Global faculty for discovering talent in her and improvising her skills set that motivated Dea to confidently perform and showcase her skills on global platform.

It was indeed a pleasure to watch all students from varied countries Britain, Australia , Behrain, Bhutan, Sychelles, India, Italy showcasing their talent with utmost efficiency and finesse.

Dea has always been a bright child with an edge to walk extra mile each time for every task is given to her. The dedication, the creativity, and the energy she puts in her dance and her art is commendable. An unmatched orator awarded as the best student receiving numerous certificates and awards has added to her confidence in her skill set is role model go her friends. The little scientist in her, keeps her motivating to experiment more and more, and coming up with novel ideas with each passing day.