Hungary faces illegal demolition of democracy

Utkarsh Upadhyay

Corona virus has spread its outbreaks worldwide. This deadly virus has reached almost every country of the world. So far, 1 million people have been infected with the corona virus all over the world and more than 84 thousand people have died from this virus.

At the same time, the process of killing democracy worldwide under the guise of Corona virus continues. The latest case is of the European country Hungary, where democracy has been destroyed under the guise of fear from Corona. The Hungarian parliament has given the right to keep Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in power forever.

Prime Minister Orban’s party has a two-thirds majority in Parliament. In fact, here a bill was passed in Parliament regarding the corona virus, under this bill only the Prime Minister has been given the right to remain in power.

The bill has been made in such a way that now democratic systems like elections and referendums have been banned indefinitely. The bill does not provide information about when the emergency will end, thus the government has the power to decide when the emergency will end. This indicates that all the power has gone into the hands of the government.

In fact, for the past one year there was an attempt to crush the roots of democracy in Hungary. Even before the onset of the global epidemic, the government wanted to close many cultural institutions. The government said that Parliament has the right to decide when it will end the emergency.

Democracy advocates had argued that the opposition does not have a majority in Parliament, so how can it reverse the government’s decisions. Under the new law passed in Hungary, a journalist or any other citizen may face up to five years in prison for publishing false news. At present, there are 895 cases of Corona virus in Hungary and 58 people have died in this eastern European country due to this deadly virus.