Limited registration of BS-IV vehicles to be allowed as per Apex Court order dated 27.3.2020

Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has advised NIC to faciltate the States /UTs in limited registration of BS-IV vehicles all over India except Delhi/NCR in compliance with Supreme Court directions contained in its order dated 27.3.2020. The Supreme Court has allowed limited and conditional sale and registration of  not more than 10 per cent pending BS-4 stock (as conveyed to the Apex Court) with vehicle dealers(except in Delhi, NCR),  within 10 days of lifting of the lockdown in a city following outbreak of Covid-19 in the country. The Apex Court has however maintained the stay on sale and registration of such vehicles in Delhi NCR.

As per orders of apex Court dated 24.10.2018, no BS-IV vehicle is to be sold or  registered with effect from 1.4.2020. Registration  of only BS-VI vehicles is permitted from today throughout India.In its advisory, which is also marked to all States/UTs, the Ministry has stressed upon meticulous compliance of the orders of the Supreme Court.Bharat Stage (BS) emission norms are standards instituted by the government to regulate output of air pollutants from motor vehicles. The BS-IV norms have been enforced across the country since April 2017.

India has decided to switch to the world”s cleanest emissions standard from April 1 as it leapfrogs straight to Euro-VI emission standards from Euro-IV  now — a feat achieved in just three years and not seen in any of the large economies around the globe.