Meeting held with EPCs, Industry Representatives and Stakeholders in Department of Commerce to discuss recent disruptions in Global Supply Chain; Industry representatives assured of all the support from Government

A meeting was held with Export Promotion Councils/Industry Representatives/Stakeholders under the Chairmanship of Minister of State (MoS)ShriSomPrakash on 12th March 2020 to discuss the recent disruptions in Global Supply Chain. The companies/stakeholders also joined through DVC from offices of Additional DGFT in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and office of MPEDA at Kochi.

In the meeting,which was a follow up of the earlier meeting held on the subject on 14.2.2020, a   feedback was taken from the Industry on current status of their supply chains, prognosis for the future, whether any crisis in disruption of supply chains is anticipated, opportunities to fill in the gap, and the extent to which the Department can help in the process with the support of our overseas missions. The Industry representatives were asked to submit the details of specific problems being faced by them in importing and exporting, to the Department, and were assured of the facilitation by Department for resolution of the roadblocks/hindrances.

The Industry Representatives were exhorted to put to use the information shared by several of Indian overseas Missions on the contact details of potential suppliers and buyers in their respective countries, and follow up with the Missions for arranging B2B interactions with the potential suppliers and buyers in their countries. It was also advised that under the present circumstances, the B2B interactions may be planned over Digital Video Conferencing (DVC).

The industry representatives gave some cogent suggestions on revitalizing the production in India of products like API etc.ShriSom Prakash assured the Industry representatives of all the support from the Government in sourcing their supply to fill the gaps in their existing supply chains, and alsoin the efforts to enhance the supply in existing market and further in enabling   supply to new markets. He advised the industry representatives to desist from panic reaction to the situation and work collectively to overcome the situation.