What is the guarantee of the one staying in power who has come out with a ‘guarantee card’—Subhash Chopra.

Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Shri Subhash Chopra  asserted here today that the  campaign of the Congress party for the Delhi Assembly elections, which gained momentum after the scrutiny of the nomination papers of the candidates, will be based on the positive aspects of the Congress party’s incredible achievements during its 15-year rule in Delhi, when Delhi became one of the best cities in the world. Shri Chopra today inaugurated the election offices of Congress candidates for the Rajendra Nagar and Babarpur Assembly constituencies, Shri Rocky Tusheed and Ms. Aniveeksha Triparthi Jain respectively.

Shri Subhash Chopra said that the Kejriwal Government, which came to power promising many things to the people of Delhi, delivered little as its promises turned out to hollow. Shri Chopra said that  Kejriwal simply wasted his five years in office without doing any constructive work, and instead lied and misled the people of Delhi. Shri Chopra said that Kejriwal’s 70 promises in AAP’s manifesto for the previous Delhi Assembly elections remained only on paper and in newspaper advertisements.

Shri Chopra said that Kejriwal’s latest gimmick of giving a ‘guarantee card’ was yet another ‘jumla’ by him to mislead the people, which will not succeed this time, as there was no guarantee about Kejriwal himself. “What is Kejriwal’s own guarantee of staying in power?”, Shri Chopra asked. Shri Chopra recalled that Kejriwal had promised that he will not take any personal police security, official bungalow, official car, the polluted Yamuna would be cleaned up, new colleges and hospitals would be opened and many such promises, but such promises proved to be hollow.

Shri Chopra said that Chief Minister Kejriwal did not stir out of his house when police attacked the students of Jamia University and goons created mayhem and assaulted students of JNU, and police filed false cases against students and locked them up in police stations. Shri Chopra said that it was very shocking that neither Kejriwal met these students to console them nor ensured their security. He said that Kejriwal has no concern for the students and youth, who are the future of the country. Shri Chopra asked how can Delhi be safe in the hands of an irresponsible Chief Minister and his Government?

Shri Subhash Chopra said that the warm reception the Congress candidates are getting, and even the local residents enthusiastically joining the election campaigns of the Congress candidates, prove that Congress is on a firm footing, and the party was on its way back to power in Delhi. Shri Chopra promised that if Congress comes to power in Delhi, it will carry forward the development works started by the Sheila Dikshit Congress Government which the Kejriwal Government had stalled in the last five years. Shri Chopra said that Congress has a track record of fulfilling the promises it makes, and reiterated his promise that Congress will provide relief up to 600 units of power, old age pension would be hiked to Rs 5000 per month and a cashback scheme will be introduced for those who save water from the 20,000 litres of free supply per month in a bid to encourage water conservation. He said that the cashback amount will be directly deposited in the accounts of the beneficiaries.