To Build Confidence Among International Investors It Is Important To Establish That Indian Arbitration Is Seamless And Efficient: Justice B.R. Gavai

Alok Kumar Singh

In order to build confidence among international investors it is very necessary to establish that dispute redressal system in India will not be time consuming, Hon’ble Mr Justice B.R. Gavai, Judge, Supreme Court of India said at Global Conference on International Commercial Arbitration organised by ASSOCHAM in New Delhi today.

Extending his best wishes for the conference he said, “Such conferences would go a long way in solving the nitty-gritties, the problems that Indian arbitration system faces and also the provide solutions therefore.”

He further added,“Today’s conference will go a long way in emerging India as a preferred arbitration destination. It will go a long way in resolving international commercial disputes in India in a shortest possible manner. It will go a long way in growing India as one of the most emerging economies of the world.”

In his keynote address at the ASSOCHAM conference, Hon’ble Mr Justice Hari Shankar, Judge, Delhi High Courttalked about the statutory scenario of International Commercial arbitration in India. He said that international commercial arbitration today has achieved a great deal of significance and in years to come commercial disputes in international arena are most likely to be completely resolved by arbitral process rather than litigation process. So it is essential that such conferences where we get to know the nitty-gritties of international commercial arbitration are welcome and are held more often.

Delivering Welcome Address, Shri Vineet Agarwal, Vice President, ASSOCHAM said,“The ASSOCHAM National Council on Arbitration seeks to nurture and provide opportunity to arbitration practitioners in the country as a platform for networking with other counterparts in foreign countries. Today’s global conference on International commercial arbitration is part of our endeavor to bring together best minds of the world to discuss and debate on issues that are of concern to everyone.”

He further said,“The dispute resolution process has a huge impact on the Indian Economy and the global perception of doing business in India. This is clearly indicated by the World Bank rating on ease of doing business. Hence, it is very imperative for us to discuss effect and implications of amended arbitration and reconciliation bill and establishment of commercial partners.India is on track to build confidence in its legal system which is the fundamental condition for any country to become International Arbitration venue.”