Bengaluru Braces for Massive protest by Vokkaliga Community&Various organisations,on Wednesday,Tight Security placed,CoP,Bhaskar Rao

Bengaluru Braces for Massive protest by Vokkaliga Community&Various organisations,on Wednesday,Tight Security placed,CoP,Bhaskar Rao :
“DK Shivakumar arrest gets caste twist “.
Vokkaliga community to stage massive protest in support of DK Shivakumar tomorrow.
Over 35,000 people across the state to stage protest.
JD(S) to support protest called by Vokkaliga community.
Protest March to begin from National College grounds in Basavanagudi to the Raj Bhavan.
There will be parking restricted on 25 places in and around the protest route.
Traffic Diversion in Bengaluru in view of Bruhat Vokkaliga Rally:
1. Basavanagudi main road.
2. National College Junction.
3. Sheesh Mahal Junction.
4. KR Road,Medicare Hospital Junction.
5. Basappa Circle.
6. LBF Road,Lalbagh Main gate.
7. Coffee point Armugam road.
8. Journalist colony.
9. Anand Rao Circle.
10. Khoday Junction.
11. Mysore bank junction.
12. Navrang Junction.
13. Malleswaram 17th Cross Bridge.
14. Sangolli Rayanna circle.
“Cops issue 15 Conditions to Protesters”
1. Protest must be held only at permitted locations.
2. Protest must be held without causing trouble for commuters.
3. Protesters must not make any provocative statements.
4. Protests must be peaceful.
5. Protesters should not violate section 36 and 37 of Karnataka Police Act 1963.
6. Protesters should not disrupt law and order.
7.Protesters should follow directives issued by police.
8. Organisers will be held responsible in case of any violations.
9. Protesters cannot use Loudspeakers during protest March.
10. Protesters cannot forcibly shut shops or establishments.
11. Protesters must not burst crackers and burn tyres during protest March.
12. Protesters are not allowed to carry any weapons.
13. Permission for protest will be withdrawn if any conditions are violated.
14. Protesters should protest at the alloted place and should not block roads and disturb other commuters.
15. Protesters should not indulge in damaging of public or private property while protest they will be booked under prevention of Damage to public property Act of 1984,(U/s 3)Karnataka Prevention of Distraction and loss of property Act 198 (U/s 2(A).
Bengaluru police commissioner Bhaskar Rao,in presence of Addl CP,West,Umesh Kumar,Joint CP Traffic,Dr.BR Ravikanthe Gowda,DCPs,as,Chethan Singh Rathore,Jagadeesh,Ramesh B,Dr.Ashwini,with Dr.SK Soumyalatha held a press conference at his office and said Elaborate security arrangements have been made to monitor the law and order situation during the rally organised by the Congress and other groups to oppose the arrest of former Minister D.K.Shivakumar on Wednesday.
Apart from deploying 90 platoons of Karnataka State Reserve Police and City Armed Reserve,with Women KSRP platoons and more than 10,000 police personnel, and 550 home guards,Police Personnel in Mufti or plain clothes will also be deployed with 500 CCTV cameras have been installed along the route of the rally, which will be taken out from the National College grounds in Basavanagudi to the Freedom Park through J.C. road, Town Hall, K.G. Road,and Palace Road.
Bengaluru city police warned of strict action against those violating rules laid down by the police.He said use of provocative messages and speeches,loud music,forcing shops to shut down,bursting crackers,and burning effigies will be dealt with strictly.The organisers of the rally will be booked in case of violations.
The arrest of the Congress troubleshooter in a money-laundering case on September 3 had sparked off protests across New Delhi and Karnataka,especially his home district of Ramanagara. Although they seem to have subsided now, the Congress continues to accuse the centre of using agencies such as the Enforcement Directorate, the Income Tax department and the CBI to settle scores with political rivals.
Shivakumar is by far one of the most powerful leaders of the Congress in Karnataka and has earned a reputation for often being the party’s troubleshooter. He is also the party’s most popular Vokkaliga leader in Karnataka.
Shivakumar’s arrest is being seen as an anti-Vokkaliga move.
Over about more than 10,000 members of various Vokkaliga sanghas are expected to hit the streets as part of the protest. They plan to march from the National College grounds in Basavanagudi to Freedom Park.
Karnataka Rakshana Vedike’s Narayana Gowda along with leaders from the Vishwa Vokkaliga Maha Vedike, Nada Prabhu Vokkaliga Kendra and Rajye Vokkaliga Kempegowda Yuvashakti Vedike will join the protest to express their support to Shivakumar.
Joint Commissioner of traffic,Dr.BR Ravikanthe Gowda,said,we have made all elaborate traffic arrangements and we have requested the organisers not to disturb the movement of vehicles they should coopeate as we have put barricade in the middle of the road limited number of vehicles will be allowed to move on these roads and we have put barricades there.The organizers have agreed to use 60% of the road and we will allow vehicles in the 40% of the road so that nobody will be inconvenienced and the traffic will be diverted in the 13 roads,19 points traffic cops are deployed to give directions and in 9 places vehicles will be stopped of protestors there will be no parking at 25 places and for the traffic bandobust we have deployed 3-DCPs,6-ACPs,37-PIs,116-PSIs,324-ASIs,1078-HCs&PCs,will be deployed he added.
Bhaskar Rao,Commissioner of police said,On the 11th of September various organisations have decided to take out a protest rally and a procession from National College Basavangudi to Freedom park to condemn the proceedings against DK Shivakumar a member of legislative assembly and former Minister.In this connection I have called and held a several meetings with the organisers the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike,Vishwa Vokkaligara Maha Vedike,Nada Prabhu Vokkaligara Kendra,Rajya Vokkaligara Kempegowda Yuvakara Sabha Vedike etc.and about 10 people are the main organisers.I have already circulated list of conditions which I have imposed on them U/s 144 Crpc,that you shall and you will bind over by these conditions because taking out a procession in the middle of a day that too on a working day immediately after a holiday will inconvenience common citizens,small traders,as well as the youth as well as those who make out a leaving on day to day basis.So we have cast a huge responsibility on them saying that you will be Squerly responsible for any kind of law and order that’s take place. Since it is an emotional issue we did not want to come in the way of hurting the procession etc.But in turn we have imposed very severe conditions and we have also said that any kind of damage to public or private property will be delt under the prevention of public property Act which is quite a severe Act and we are gone through this condition and we will invoke the conditions under the Karnataka police Act also as well as number of other conditions as regards with not to burn tyres,not to stop the procession,not to make provocative statements,and such other things.As soon as there rally and speeches are over at National college they shall immediately depart from there and cover this 5.2 kilometres in the most peaceful manner.And I have reasons to trust the organisers because they also appear to be responsible people but after having trusted them I cannot Abdequate my duties also so a very very elaborate police bandobust police arrangement scheme has been made in which I have drafted about 11-DCPs,45-ACPs,106-PIs,373-PSIs,and over 2500 other ranks plus 50-KSRP Platoons,40-CAR Platoons,4-RAF Companies,Women KSRP platoons with 500 Home Guards,and all the traffic police and other departments Police personnel cops from other district will also be deployed to ensure that the programme of tomorrow passes of as peacefully as possible.Though members of public will be severely to inconvenience we have conducted this press conference to inform people at large not to come into the city centre but to take deviation roads which my Joint Commissioner Traffic,Dr.BR Ravikanthe Gowda has already told people are advised not to come over into Sajjan Rao circle,Townhall circle,JC Road,KG Road etc.Because if you get stuck you will feel very bad about it and then you cannot come out and get in actually the victims will be Senior Citizens,Women and children.We have also advised the hospitals also to ensure that ambulances don’t come on this road.We have deputed fire tenders and we have also deputed ambulances in case of any kind of emergency.So we earnestly hope that the organisers will stick to their words and will carry out this protest in a peaceful manner but however we have also made elaborate preparations it will be supervised by our Additional Commissioner of Police,West,Umesh Kumar will be in-charge of this ofcourse overall responsibility will be lies with me the commissioner of police he added.
His supporters and members from the Vokkaliga community, including temple priests from neighbouring districts of Ramanagara, Channapatna, Chikkabalapura, are expected to participate in rally.
R Ashoka, the BJP’s main Vokkaliga face in Bengaluru, criticised the Congress for giving the arrest a casteist colour, stating that neither the BJP nor the Central government had anything to do with Shivakumar’s fate.Investigating agencies are doing their work under the Constitution. He has been arrested for illegal money transactions… that the Congress is giving this a caste-tilt is shameful,” he wrote on Twitter.
DK Shivakumar appeals for peaceful protest :
Congress leader DK Shivakumar on Tuesday appealed to his supporters to maintain peace and ensure that public property isn’t harmed, ahead of a massive protest march planned by the Vokkaliga community on Wednesday against his arrest in a money laundering case.I wholeheartedly thank leaders,supporters, well-wishers and friends who have organised a massive protest in my support tomorrow in Bengaluru.I humbly request that the protest be peaceful and doesn’t cause any inconvenience to citizens. Please ensure public property isn’t harmed,” a tweet from his official account read.I would like to reiterate that I have done nothing wrong and am a target of vendetta politics.With the support and blessings that I am receiving from all of you, and my belief in God and our judiciary, I have full faith that I will emerge victorious both legally and politically,” he added.
The ED has booked Shivakumar under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act in a case that dates back to 2017 when Income Tax officials had raided his properties and found unaccounted wealth. As part of the investigation, the enforcement agency summoned Shivakumar’s daughter Aishwarya on September 12 this targeting of his family members has further left his Vokkaliga supporters enraged.