Ola Cab Driver held,Clueless Sensational High Profile Kolkatta Model-Cum-Event Manager Murder Case Cracked by Bagaluru Police

Kolkatta Model murdered for just Rs.500″
“Tattoo and Titan Watch with Jealous 21 brand jeans and sandals with other technical inputs case was detected by Bagaluru Police Inspector Ramamurthy and team”
“Bengaluru police appeals and urge passengers to not individually book rides with cab drivers they meet on trips through cab aggregators”.
The Northeast Division police of Bagaluru police have arrested a 22 year old cab driver on charges of murdering a kolkatta based Model and event manager.
A Sensational and clueless murder case of a Kolkatta Model a event Manager,Ms.Pooja Singh De,killer attached to Ola Cab aggregator arrested by Bagaluru Police Station inspector Rama Murthy and his team after 21 days after doing a meticulous investigation.
The accused has been identified as H.M. Nagesh, 22, a resident of Hegganahalli Cross.After ferrying Pooja,he had not undertaken a trip with the cab aggregator.Following sustained interrogation by investigation team the accused has reportedly confessed to the crime.
Three teams were pressed into action to crack the sensational murder case by DCP Northeast,Dr.S.Bheemashankar Guled.
DCP,Northeast,Dr.S.Bheemashankar Guled,told media persons,We found a dead body lying in Kadayarappanahalli village the place is on the outskirts of the city and adjacent to the Kempegowda International Airport she was stabbed multiple times all over the body and bludgeoned to death.The woman had worn a ‘Jealous 21’ brand name Jeans Pant,Ring and a Titan watch our inspector collected the information of all those who had bought these items over the last two years.Looking at her face we suspected that she could be from West Bengal we sent a team to Kolkatta who looked for a missing person’s complaint at every police station there wasn’t a single FIR registered however our team found out that there was a missing complaint registered in one of the police stations we went after that lead and found out the identity of the deceased once the identity of the deceased was confirmed it didn’t take us much time to find the culprit.We had disposed the body after keeping it for 12 days as per the law she was identified through her tattoo her husband had seen the photographs but was not too sure however he confirmed after seeing the photo of the tattoo.We found that the deceased was 30 year old Pooja Singh De, she was a resident of Kolkatta she was a model and was also into event management she had flown from Kolkatta to Delhi and then to Bengaluru.She had booked a cab through an APP on the first day later she spoke to the driver personally and asked him to pick her up the next day he would not have dared to attack her if she had booked the cab using app he knew that he would be tracked easily the girl had failed to book the cab through and App and had spoken to the driver personally instead of blaming the cab aggregators we must advice passengers to book a cab using an app instead of speaking to the driver personally we could have connected the dots easily if she had used an app to book the cab we can’t blame the cab aggregators he has asked her to give him some items she refused and tried to scream and resist the culprit but he hited her from Jack rod when she resisted the girl had become unconscious.Then he used to the other route enter Kempegowda International airport to avoid the tollgate the girl regained consciousness and started to shout out loud he felt that she could file a complaint if she was let free and decided to kill her.We have spoken to the toll gate authorities to fix CCTV camera areas in that places we have also spoken to the BBMP to install street lights as the place is poorly lit after dark we can’t ask the authorities to install a toll gate there toll gates would cause inconvenience to the residents of that area we will have CCTV cameras and lights installed at that place he added.
Senior officer said,that,Pooja Singh Dey,32,was a model-cum-event manager who had visited the city on July 30 for an event.She was returning to Kolkata when the brutal crime took place.The victim had been found with head injuries and multiple stab and wounds on her entire body.Pooja’s body was discovered by villagers near the compound of the airport near Kadayarappanahalli village at about 6.30 am on July 31st.They informed the police.Bagaluru police inspector RamMurthy and his crime staff rushed to spot and senior officers also rushed to spot Dr.S.Bheemashankar Guled and ACP Shivakumar with with dog squad,finger print experts,forensic experts with other team inspected the whole area and took stock of the situation as our team searched whole area even dog squad was also pressed into action but we dint found any evidence we were blank our team found on her body She was found wearing a Titan watch,‘Jealous 21’ jeans and a pair of sandals.special team could not find her handbag,so there was no proof of identification,other than the accessories and clothes she wore.Three special teams were consisted under the able guidance of DCP,Dr.S.Bheemashankar Guled,under the supervision of,ACP Shivakumar and PI Bagaluru,Ramamurthy teams were sent to Kolkata and New Delhi to scour through missing person reports and established the identity of the victim.Another team was busy in collecting details of watch and sandals she wored with the bar code the team were sent to Amazon and Flipkart with the barcode to find out details but we dint found any evidence we were blank later the special team which was sent to kolkatta to get details about the deceased the team where police on inquiring about missing cases,stumbled on a match at New Town Police Station.It was then that the police learnt that she was married and the husband Soudeep De,of the model was also not able to identify the body as the body was smashed but when our team shown the photographs to the husband of the deceased he noticed a tattoo on her back side of neck and identified the body with the tattoo and said that she has told him that she is going to attend a event in Bengaluru and she dint return he even said to the team that he got a message from her number asking to deposit rupees five lakhs in her account he said then our team acted swiftly and swung into action and started collecting details by analysing her email ID and call details the inspector found she the deceased Pooja booked the cab via the Ola app and our team immediately went to the cab aggregator and collected details of the accused and then secured the cab driver Nagesh with the help of local police in Hegganahalli cross and was taken into custody for further interrogation during the course of investigation he first dint cooperate with the team later the team grilled him using their own investigation style and then the accused spilled the beans and a detailed investigation by the team it has revealed that on the evening of July 30 she booked a Ola Cab via Ola App to attend a meeting in Crescent Road in Kumara Park to a hotel in Parappana Agrahara.She later called the driver separately and asked him to take her to the airport reportedly at about 4 am the next day.He agreed,and he slept in the same car near the hotel only and he picked her in the right time from the hotel and she boarded the cab at Hosur Road at 4.15 am and he spilled the beans to the officer that in between he Nagesh deviated the route from the main road he took on service road and demanded money from Pooja.When she refused and started screaming asking help he then attacked her with a jack rod and made her unconcious then he looked through her bags and pockets but was only able to find Rs 500 and two mobile phones.He then attempted to dump her behind KIA near Kaada Yarappanahalli village, but she regained consciousness and tried to escape.However,Nagesh again attacked her with a knife he stabbed her multiple times in her abdomen and bludgeoned her face with a cement brick and escaped from the spot the deceased Pooja had been in the city for event management work.Once Pooja’s identity was determined,with the help of special teams from Delhi and Kolkata, we learnt that she had booked an Ola cab. After this, police were led to Nagesh.Nagesh confessed to the crime and police were able to recover the victim’s belongings from him.He has been produced before a magistrate and remanded to judicial custody.I also urge passengers to not individually book rides with cab drivers they meet on trips through cab aggregators.In this case,the cab driver seems to have felt emboldened as the said trip was not on record with the aggregator, and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Bhaskar Rao,has appreciated Addl CP,East,S.Murugan,DCP Northeast,Dr.S.Bheemashankar Guled,ACP,Sampigehalli Sub-Division,M.Shivakumar,PIs,as, B.RamaMurthy,Raju Reddy Bennur,Praveen,PSI,Probationaries as,Ms.Vindhya Rathod,Prakash Khanjera,Smt.Nandini,Lakshmikanth,ASI, Prabhakar SA,Crime staff as,Anand,Basavaraj Lamani,R Ramesh Naik,Devarajaiah,Sathish,Ammathepa,Tejendra,Sathish Kumar,Kantharaj,Gangaiah Hiremath,Errappa Badigare,and technical team as,Babu,Ravichandran,Ravidalvaiah,Ramesh Hawaldar,Suresh Babu and Immam Goggi,with the town police of kolkatta who has helped in cracking the clueless murder case of a Model cum even manager of kolkatta,the team has done a tremendous and exemplary work and commendable job in nabbing the notorious mastermind criminal who took advantage of a customers politeness as she booked personally a cab based on his politeness but it came a shocking and killed her for just Rs.500 and he even dint take his car out after the incident took place a suitable reward will be given to team for their exemplary and excellent work done in cracking the clueless a heinous high profile sensational murder case he added.