President of India approves Service/Gallantry Medals on the occasion of Independence Day 2019

A total of 946 police personnel have been awarded medals on the occasion of the Independence Day, 2019. President Police Medals for Gallantry (PPMG) have been awarded to 3 personnel, Police Medals for Gallantry (PMG) to 177 personnel, President’s Police Medals for Distinguished Service to 89 personnel and Police Medal for Meritorious Service to 677 personnel.


Among the majority of the 180 gallantry awards, 114 personnel are being awarded for their gallant action in Jammu & Kashmir, 62 personnel for their gallant action in left wing extremism affected areas and 4 personnel for their gallant action in north-east region.


Among the personnel receiving Gallantry Awards, 72 are from CRPF, 61 are from J&K police, 23 are from Odisha, 9 are from Chhattisgarh and the remaining from the other States/UTs and CAPFs.