National Seeds Conference

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India organizes National Conference on Agriculture Campaign before sowing season of Zaid, Kharif & Rabi to discuss various issues related to upcoming sowing season. In these conference issues related to seed were also discussed. The details of National Conferences organized by Ministry in last three years is given below:


S. No. National Conference for Date
1 Kharif-2019 25 & 26/04/2019
2 Zaid-2019 24/01/2019
3 Rabi 2018-19 18 & 19/09/2018
4 Kharif-2018 25 & 26/04/2018
5 Rabi 2017-18 19 & 20/09/2017
6 Kharif-2017 25 & 26/04/2017


In these conferences various issues related to agriculture at National and State level were discussed (including Andhra Pradesh). The outcomes of discussion in theses conferences on the seed sector are as follows:

  • Review of seed requirement and availability is done in every conference. An outcome of this is that every year we have surplus seed in comparison to requirement.


  • The seed of newly released high yielding varieties of different crop should be made available to farmers on time.


  • Landmark varieties of different crops should be identified and their substitute may be developed to enhance productivity of different crops/varieties.


  • Promotion of stress tolerant, climate resilient varieties to meet the requirement of climate change. Inclusion of bio-fortified varieties in public distribution system should be encouraged to cope up nutrition deficiency in the areas of malnutrition.


  • Focus on preparation of dynamic seed rolling plan by States Government that include newly releases short & medium duration high yielding varieties of different crops.


  • Capacity building by means of trainings for officials of seed law enforcement agencies, seed certification agencies, seed testing labs to be carried out.


  • To popularize newly released varieties farm demonstration & awareness programs for farmers to be organized by the state government.


  • Mechanism of seed traceability by seed bar-coding will be developed to ensure availability of quality seed to farmers.
  • Varietal characteristics of newly released varieties should be made available to farmers to help them adapt new varieties rapidly.


This information was given in a written reply by the Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Shri Narendra Singh Tomar in Lok Sabha today.