Voter Turnout Percentage of 69.43% recorded as yet in Phase I GE to Lok Sabha 2019

As per available data till now, the Voter Turnout Percentage from eighteen States and two Union Territories that went to Polls on 11th April 2019, in the First phase of  General Elections to Lok Sabha 2019, has recorded a figure of 69.43%. This percentage is still likely to go up as at the time of compilation, data from some remaining polling parties from remote locations was yet to be consolidated.

It may be recalled that in Phase I, 91 Parliamentary Constituencies from States of Andhra Pradesh (25/25 PCs), Arunachal Pradesh (2/2 PCs), Assam (5/14PCs), Bihar (4/40 PCS), Chhattisgarh (1/11 PCs), Jammu & Kashmir (2/6 PCs), Maharashtra (7/48PCs), Manipur (1/2 PCs), Meghalaya (2/2PCs), Mizoram (1/1 PC), Nagaland (1/1 PC), Odisha (4/21 PCs), Sikkim (1/1 PC), Telangana (17/17 PCs), Tripura (1/2 PCs) Uttar Pradesh (8/80PCs), Uttarakhand (5/5 PCs), West Bengal (2/42 PCs) as also Andaman & Nicobar Islands (1/1 PC) and Lakshadweep (1/1 PC) went to Polls.

Out of a total of 13,16,22,586 General Electors from these Constituencies, 9,13,79,409 electors (comprising 4,64,30,614 Male Electors, 4,49,20,571 Female electors and 1395 electors from Third Gender) cast their votes.

Thus as on date a total of 69.43% voter turnout percentage was recorded across these 18 States and 2 UTs. The top five voter turnout percentage has been  – 84.96 % from Lakshadweep; 83.79% from West Bengal PCs of Alipurduar and Coochbehar; 83.26% from Tripura West PC; 83.12%  from Nagaland; 82.82% from II Outer Manipur (ST) PC of Manipur though some polling parties were yet to contribute their figures to the data.

Simultaneously polling was also conducted on 11th April 2019 for 175 Assembly constituencies of Andhra Pradesh; 60 ACs of Arunachal Pradesh; 28 of the 147 Assembly Constituencies of Odisha and 32 ACs of Sikkim. Across 295 ACs, a voter turnout percentage of 77.38% has been recorded as yet though there could be slight variation in this figure by the time of final computing.

The detailed datasheet available as yet is attached herewith for ready reference.

In 2014 General Elections to the 16th Lok Sabha, a final voter turnout percentage of 66.44% was reported across all the nine phases of polling.