Unique initiative By BTP,1st Time Special Women Traffic Police Parade Organised in Bengaluru

Unique initiative By BTP,1st Time Special Women Traffic Police Parade Organised in Bengaluru :
In its first of its kind Bengaluru City Traffic Police in the view of International womens day celebration the Traffic Police has organised special women Traffic police Parade for all the women staff in Bengaluru.
About 325 lady officers and staff took part in the parade.
The parade was organised to display Women power and motivate them to do their work for the society.
All senior officers as,Addl CP,Traffic,P.Harishekaran,DCPs,as,Dr.K.V.Jagadeesh,Dr.S.K.Soumyalatha,Sarah Fathima,ACPs,as,Virupakshappa, Siddalingaiah,T.Basheer Ahmed,Ramesh.K.N,Pratap Reddy,Mallikaarjun,Prashanth,Venugopal and all Inspectors and other staff were present.
Addl CP,Traffic,P.Harishekaran said,We have organised special all women Traffic police Parade in Bengaluru City Traffic Police.In order to correct differences from women police staff in traffic police department.We have organised special women Parade in CAR Ground.The objective to organise this parade is the capability and capacity of women staff and officers must be increased and improved.Any Grievieances from them has to be recorded if it is possible from my side I have to make it otherwise those grievances which have to be solved by seniors those grievances will be submitted in the form of responsibility to the commissioner of police Bengaluru city for needful and kindful action.He even said in the many stations we are seeing only male staff is given designated work but now all Women’s staff will also given a designated work and responsiblity as Station Writter,Investigation assistant,Cobras,and other all responsiblity will be given to women staff also and totally 325 lady officers and staff have participated in the unique event they have done a good performance but they should improve still so for that we will give them full training of parade and other as IT training, riding two wheelers and four wheeler too for them with this special all women Traffic police parade our Commissioner of police has given his regards and is very happy for the initiative which we have taken and you can see in our 3 DCPs we have two women DCPs,and under Sarah Fathima we have formed a committee to train the women staff and address their grievances he added.
After the Special women Traffic Parade Addl CP Traffic,P.Harishekaran, accompanied with DCPs,as,DCP Traffic East,Dr.K.V.Jagadeesh,DCP,Traffic North,Sarah Fathima,DCP Traffic West, Dr.S.K.Soumyalatha was present at the event women Traffic staff came forward  and utilised the golden opportunity and shared their grievance to P.Harishekaran,Addl CP Traffic,all the grievances were addressed and after addressing the grievances he said main grievances are one of the staff requested a toilet facility as there is no toilet facility in Electronic city traffic police station and other grievances are many have requested them to give training of vehicle driving as two wheeler and four wheeler training and many have requested for sunglasses,Some have said in their grieveance they are facing problem with Arogya bhagya scheme in adding their family members name and many women PSI have asked for Activa Honda two wheelers for them and some have said that after the babies birth they need some time to feed milk to the newly born babies so this is a matter of humanity and we will instruct the concerned officers to give them some time in the afternoon to feed milk to their baby and some have asked for transfers we will address this grievieance soon and we will transfer them and some have said that in stations they don’t give more importance to juniors but the more importance is given to seniors and some said that in some station senior officer does not speak to them in good way as the way of speaking  is very rude so in front of everyone I am warning all the inspectors that this type of behaviour I should not listen again if anyone continues to repeat then a disciplinary action will be initiated against those officers.in some station limits there is no Signals they should give signals by hand signal so we will give them hand signal training also and he said in police department first all should be well disciplined,Some have requested for duty rotation to be given to them also only four staff has asked for transfers that will do it he said if anyone is getting scared to share their grieveance they can write and give and we will address their grievances and I have instructed all the DCPs and ACPs, when they visit stations they should speak to the staff and address their grievances he added.