CCB Cops Busted BMTC,CPC,PSI,Question Papers Leaking Racket,Notorious Kingpins with 148 others arrested,Rs.67.73 Lakhs,17 Vehicles,36Mobiles,35 Original Documents Recovered.

CCB Cops Busted BMTC,CPC,PSI,Question Papers Leaking Racket,Notorious Kingpins with 148 others arrested,Rs.67.73 Lakhs,17 Vehicles,36Mobiles,35 Original Documents Recovered.
* Congratulations to,Commissioner of Police,T.Suneel Kumar,Additional CP Crime,Alok Kumar,and DCP,Crime,Girish and his whole team for unearthing Biggest Question Paper mafia leak in the state.Karnataka,DG&IGP,Neelamani N Raju announced a reward of Rs.3 lakh to the whole team who involved in the operation”.
* DG&IGP Neelamani N Raju applauds Sunil Kumar,Commissioner of Police,Alok Kumar,Additional Commissioner of Police Crime,DCP Crime,Girish.S,and his whole team.
* Totally 150 accused has been arrested.
* After 75 days of detailed investigation, the Central Crime Branch (CCB) police arrested 150 accused including Anil Francis from Sharjah, UAE who was former employee of Manipal technologies unit in Udupi who stolen the question paper of BMTC and police constables papers.
* 150 accused arrested by CCB police working day and night as informal SIT Channel.
* Biggest Question paper leaking Kingpins nabbed in 75 days.
* Special teams were formed in operation question paper leaking.
* Five ACPs,20,PIs,with other staff have successfully busted organised syndicate crime racket.
* Kingpin Anil Francis was nabbed in Sarjah by the team.
In a Major Breakthrough the Central crime branch officials after conducting almost 75 days of continuous investigation has finally unfolded the mystery behind the question paper leak of various job recruitment exams.
The investigation has revealed that the person behind the leak was a security guard from Manipal technology unit printing press in Udupi and was arrested on Monday
Almost after Two months after the investigation into the question paper leak of Police Sub-Inspector (PSI), Constable and BMTC Administrator requirement, the Central Crime Branch (CCB) sleuths have found that the question paper was leaked from Manipal Technologies in Manipal.
Recently The CCB officials have arrested Anil F.,an employee at the Unit-1 of Manipal Technologies Printing Press, for the leak. Anil handed over the question paper to another accused Ameer Ahmed of Davangere who later handed it over to C.T. Basavaraju for Rs 55 lakh of which Rs 17 lakh was given to Anil.
The arrested in PSI question paper leak case: Basavaraj (40), Holiyappa (38), Santosh (31), Nagaraj, Dilip Kumar (32), Yadukumar M N (41), Karthik Reddy (23), Suresh (37), Nagaraju (45), ASI, wireless, Bengaluru, Harsha Kumar (52), Shivakumar Madakeshwara (24) from Tumakuru, Bhagyawantha Sagare (24) from Koppala, Arun Ramappa Mahareddy (25) from Belgaum, Hanumesh (24) from Belgaum, Neelamma Karegonda (24) from Raichur, Jayashree Rathod (27) from Bagalkote and Bhimashankar Rathod (53) from Vijayapura, a teacher.
The cops busted the gang when they were planning to leak the question paper of PSI examination, which was to be held on January 13, 2019.
The CCB sleuths have in all arrested 150 people in connection with the question paper leak and have recovered Rs 67.73 lakh from the accused.
The racket was busted on November 24 by the CCB, a day before the requirement examination, and one of the kingpins, Shivakumar alias Guruji, and his associate Naveen were arrested from SKS High School in Doddakudali village in Kodagu district. Along with the two accused, 117 police job aspirants, including five women, were arrested and copies of the question paper were seized from them. This had prompted the police department to postpone the exam for 2,113 posts of civil police constables.
Modus operandi
“Ameer Ahmed is a known offender in dealing with question papers. Knowing that Francis is a security guard with the press, Ahmed befriended him with the help of a woman and encouraged him to steal the papers. Anil stole question papers of BMTC’s conductor exam and civil police constable exam. Meeting him near the mortuary of KMC hospital in Manipal, Ahmed purchased the question paper for Rs 17 lakhs.The question papers were stolen from the shredder room of the printing press. The question papers were then photocopied and handed over to Ameer near the mortuary of Manipal’s Kasturba Hospital days before the police constable recruitment exam on November 25,Ameer later sold the papers to CT Basavaraju in Tumakuru for Rs 55 lakh, who in turn passed the papers to the candidates appearing for the exam.The candidates paid Rs 8 lakh each for the question paper
Alok Kumar,Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime), told media persons as On 23rd of November before that only we had on 15th November we had tip off that some people are trying to leak the question paper of civil police constable then on that basis one team was formed by Balaraj,ACP CCB OCW he did the ground work and later on ACP Venugopal of F&M he took the lead and went to Kodalipete village somewhere near Shanivar Santhe Kodagu district of Karnataka state and there he conducted raid and he secured 117 candidates apart from that 8 other persons including Shivakumar Swami who is involved in so many cases including one case of PUC paper leak which was investigated by CID apart from that so total 125 persons were arrested on that occasion.
After that other Kumarswamy,then Sunil,who has printed the question paper this people they were arrested and so many other agents they are also arrested.Later on we got information about C.T.Basavaraj that his location was known to be there he was in Trissur of Kerala state and there after he has moved towards Maharashtra he moved to Mumbai and he was on the run then we
had a credible information on the basis of that credible information our inspector Sharieff,Ravthur and Ravi Kumar apprehended him from one lodge in Solapur because he was using the same vehicle on the number and on the basis of the number plate because in Maharashtra he was using some Tumakuru passing vehicle and on the basis of that vehicle we could trace him in solapur he was brought here thereafter he revealed that he has received the question paper from one Ameer Ahmed who is a accused in 2010 COMEDK paper leak attempt case as well as one 2014 APCET (AP Engineering and Medical Examination so that question paper was leaked in 2014 and a case has registered in Hyderabad in 2014.So in that case he is accused at that point of time he had obtained question paper through one name Praveen who is A2 in that case and praveen he got himself enrolled in Manipal printing press as Guard after getting himself interviewed this Anil has also tried to get into that Manipal printing press but for some reason he was not allowed due to his age factor he was told that you cannot be allowed to join our printing press so he could not join there after this of 2014 case when he came out on bail from jail in Connection of the paper leakage of Andhra Pradesh he started some Tours and Travels but he incured loss in that tours and travels then he thought that what to do to over come of the financial loss and then he thought ok to try the old skill getting question paper leak so for this what he did he surfed the Facebook pages and then he found out that one person name Anil Francis is working in Manipal printing press so he befriended Anil Francis through one Lady colleague as his lady friend and then he met Anil Francis in Manipal in Udupi and he told that ok I will pay you some like handsome amount and you please get me question paper from inside the printing press due to his own purposes Anil Francis also agreed for that and first question paper leaked was on 10th of June 2018 that was BMTC question paper thereafter on 17th of August he got the question paper of CPC because the originally basically this exam was to be held of 19th of August 2018 the CPC got postponed due to floods in Kodagu the dates of exams were postponed and it was supposed to be held on 25th of November so on 17th only he has got the question paper from this shredder room this Anil Francis from the shredder room and then he brought it and did a photo copy from the printer and thereafter again he kept this question paper back in the shredder room and he even showed the question paper to media persons he took the print outs and gave it to Ameer Ahmed in Manipal he has a Mortuary medical college hospital thereafter he kept this question paper for two months more than two months with himself and as on 23rd November at around 11 “O” clock near Bellary cross in Tumakuru district he handed over this question paper to C.T.Basavaraj and at that point of time there was exchange of money he was paid 25 lakhs in one bag he carried the bag and later on again at different locations he received 30 lakhs so in total 55 lakhs was paid to this Ameer Ahmed out of that he has invested 20.90 lakhs in Pragathi Krishna Gramin Bank Devaraj Urs layout in Davangere with that he has purchased one house and due to that purchase he has to repay the amounts so he has given it to them so they have agreed to give in writing that in next two days they are going to refund that money in DD and apart from that he invested 25 lakhs for launching one film the name as Half boiled,Some new comer directors some new comer heroines local heroines from Davangere they are working in this movie as per him the movie was suppose to get released by this week so we had followed him he was there in Mumbai,Hyderabad,chennai,finally he was picked up from Karur from one lodge because again there he was using the same educational team so on that basis we had to pick it from Karur and after that when we picked up Ameer Ahmed then he told it is Anil Francis who has provided him the question paper and when we searched for Anil Francis and then we came to know that last month in the beginning of January only he has fled the country and he is somewhere hiding in UAE and we usually somehow through information we got to know he is working in some copamy Allyn in UAE and then we somehow through using informal channels we ensure that he is comes back and then last night he was made to sit in a one IAX 412A craft from Sharjah he has come and today at around 2.30 pm he has arrived here we have questioned him and now the mystery behind the how the question paper was leaked that has been unrivaled so the whole case has been completely solved all the accused persons have be arrested so far 150 today 150th accused person Anil Francis has been arrested and his arrest formalities has been formalised.Ameer Ahmed and Basavaraj are in close relationship with Basavaraj who is basically follower of Rajgopal Reddy.Rajgopal Reddy is also from Tumakuru and basically he was leaking the question paper of Medical Seat fixing business COMEDK,CET,in this connection in the year 2010 we have only arrested Rajgopal Reddy from HSR Layout from one of the apartment from where he was trying to leak the COMEDK question paper in this case Ameer Ahmed was also one of the accused but he got Anticipatory bail in that case.After coming out on bail also he has started the same thing and he met one girl he befriended her and in what he cheated her and married her she is a MBBS and she is completing her MD he is 10th passed and he got married to her later in the year 2014 in connection with the APCET question paper leak case a complaint was registered against him in Vijayawada he is A1 in that case and his associate was Praveen kumar who was working in Manipal printing press.We will examine in all angles the whole thing as part of investigation.Ameer Ahmed said he paid 16.5 lakhs and for PSI question paper they used to charge 40-60 lakhs for per question paper and for constable they used to charge 6-8 lakhs for CPC (Civil Police Constable),out of that most of them have paid 1 Lakh in advance some people have paid 2 lakh in advance with this they have collected Rs.1.19 crores was collected by these people.Our DG&IGP Karnataka Neelamani Raju was very happy with this investigation and she has announced the reward of Rs.3 lakhs to our whole team under the leadership of Sri. Girish.S,ACP who is the main investigator Venugopal,Subbramani,Balaraj,Shobha Kattavekar,and all our inspectors and all our people they have worked very hard and they have done a wonderful job and the network of this question paper leaking to the great extent we have unearth but I think that everyone needs to be watchful because such elements their habits by so we need to be very very careful and take precautions in the future also with this the cops have unearthed this question paper leak racket and the masterminds and kingpin with agents and seven Government servants who are involved in this racket are cooling their heels in jail and further investigation is on and finally DG&IGP of Karnataka,Neelamani.N.Raju,has appreciated Commissioner of Police,T.Suneel Kumar,Addl CP Crime,Alok Kumar,DCP Crime,Girish.S,ACPs as,B.R.Venugopal,P.T.Subramanya,B.Balaraju,B.S.Mohan kumar,Smt.Shobha Kattavkar,PIs as,Mohammed Sharieff Ravuthur,Prakash Rathod,R.Prakash,Smt.Ayesha,A.Rajeev,K.L.Ramesh,Dr.B.S.Sudhakar,M.C.Ravi kumar,Harish,Mirja Ali Raja,C.Niranjan Kumar,K.Prakash,Sathish,Mallikarjun,Murugendraiah,Anjan kumar,K.G.Sathish,Keshav Murthy,with other inspectors and staff as,ASI,Devaraju and Panduranga,with staff as,Sathish Kumar,Vijay Kumar,Narasimhamurthy,Gajendra, Mahadev,Anil kumar,Suresh,Yogish Rao,Nagaraj,Shetty,Shantharaju,Chandrashekar,with other CCB officials who are involved in this operation has been appreciated for the commendable and tremendous job done by them with all efforts and busted the biggest racket of question paper leak Mafia in the state with successfully nabbed all the 150 accused persons and solved the case she added.