Notorious Sandalwood Smuggling Gang busted by Cubbon Park police,Five held.

Notorious Sandalwood Smuggling Gang busted by Cubbon Park police,Five held.
Bengaluru cops too good for sandalwood smugglers.
Masterminds behind the sandalwood trees thefts finally in police net.
A sandalwood thief masterminds and their three associates was arrested after he was shot at by a cubbon park police inspector on late Monday, December 10 night.
Notorious Sandalwood thief gang busted by Cubbon Park police nabbed five accused in Bengaluru.
The accused has been identified as,Lakshman,alias,Kuliya,32,resident of Tamilnadu,Ranganath,35,resident of R.T.Nagar,Ramaswamy,40,resident of Tamilnadu,Mujahiddin Ulla,and Imdadh Ulla,
Senior officer,told media persons that,Masterminds behind the sandalwood theft nabbed by Cubbon park police after shootout.Mujahiddin Ulla was shot at by the cubbon park police.Mujahiddin Ulla and his brother imdadh Ulla are infamously known for their act of smuggling sandalwood trees.Infact they have been turned out headache for the police as they were targeting sandalwood trees on the premises of the complex where some MLAs are also lived and when that happened the police came on to their toes and decided to teach them a lesson.Initially when cops investigated when they got thiefs stealing sandalwood realised that they were only implementors and nothing beyond that.That is when based on the information given by them the team decided to arrest Mujahiddin Ulla and Imdadh Ulla and as per plan the police even laid a trap for the two and got them into their hold but Mujahiddin Ulla had a plan of his own.As he was been taken to the station he escaped and ventured into Cubbon Park and even attacked the sub-inspector Rahim and constable Krishnamurthy at in this point in time the sub inspector fired one round in the air and asked Mujahiddin to surrender but he did not pay heed infact he tried to attack our staff and for the protection and safety of staff Cubbon Park inspector Iyyan Reddy opened fire on his left  leg in self defense and he sustained injuries and was immediately rushed to Bowring Hospital for the treatment.These two were living in a three storeyed building worth in Crores and these two brothers learnt the importance of the value of sandalwood from their father and decided to use the information to plund a money illegally and earn ethically they have professional wood cutters and entice them to chop a sandalwood trees everywhere including government premises by offering huge Sums.So they would attack sandalwood trees in government premises in the early morning between 4am to 5am and in a Spain of 15-20 minutes they would run away with the cut Logs and once the police got to know they would dial up the control room and plant new stories and divert them to other plates in this they have chopped of sandalwood trees in HSR Layout,Koramangala,Cubbon Park,Mahadevpura,and other places and they are wanted in more than 60 cases across city.The cops got to know about their notorious activities with the help of CCTV footages he added.
D.Devaraj,DCP Central,told media persons that,This gang of sandalwood thieves used to be active during nighttime.They used to target sandalwood trees on the premises of government land.They were deep into the act of thieving sandalwood trees.They have finally been caught as on 26th June there was a sandalwood theft reported in St.Marks road’s Bishop cotton school premises some miscreants have theft a sandalwood tree and a complaint was registered in Cubbon Park police Station and after analysing CCTV footage a special team was led by ACP,Manjunath under the supervision of Cubbon Park police inspector,B.Iyyan Reddy and his crime staff swung into action and based on technical inputs the team nabbed the three accused of the same gang identified as,Lakshman,Ranganath,and Ramaswamy the team nabbed them and conducted a enquiry and during the interrogation the accused confessed the crime and revealed they are just implementors and masterminds behind this are Mujahiddin Ulla and Imdadh Ulla and based on their statement the inspector and his team led a trap and rushed to chikkabalapur to arrest the accused and the team successfully detained them and during interrogation he confessed to his crime and as the cops grilled him he spilled the beans and revealed that he and his brother used to commit this offence with their associates and based on his confession of crime the cops brought them to cubbon park station and in meanwhile as the cops reached to queen’s road the culprit pushed our constable Krishnamurthy from the running vehicle and ran away as our inspector was also in the same car he immediately picked our constable and rescued him and the inspector warned him while running and asked him to surrender but he dint heed to them and ventured in cubbon park immediately inspector asked for additional force to search the accused and the staff spread all over cubbon park and while arresting the accused he pushed our constable Krishnamurthy again and he fell down and the sub inspector again picked the constable and asked the accused to surrender and he even opened one round fire in the air and warned him to surrender but in fact he even attacked the sub-inspector Rahim and even tried to kill him by strangling him to death and for the protection and safety of sub inspector Cubbon Park inspector B.Iyyan Reddy took his service revolver and in self defense he shot at his left leg and he fell down and as he sustained injuries he and our staff rushed to Bowring hospital and he is undergoing treatment and this accused is a notorious who is wanted more than 60 cases across city and has been successfully arrested by the team and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,T.Suneel Kumar,has appreciated Addl CP,West,B.K.Singh,DCP,Central,D.Devaraj, ACP,Cubbon Park,T.Manjunath,PI,B.Iyyan Reddy,PSIs,as,Rahim,Raghavendra,Suresh,G. Balaraju,and their crime staff as,Krishnamurthy,Somashekar,Raghavendra,Sachidananda,and Yogesh for the commendable and tremendous job done by them in nabbing the masterminds as kingpin of the gang and with the permission from the commissioner I will announce a cash reward for the whole team he added.