National accounts Statistics: Back-Series 2004-05 TO 2011-12

Base year of National Accounts is periodically revised to account for the structural changes that have taken place in the economy over time and to depict a better picture of the economy through macro-economic aggregates like Gross Domestic Product (GDP), National Income, consumption expenditure and other related aggregates and indicators. This enables users to assess performance of the economy in real terms by estimating the macro-economic aggregates at the prices of the selected year, known as “base year”. The estimates at the prevailing prices of the current year are termed as “at current prices”, while those prepared at base year prices are termed as “at constant prices”. Comparison of the estimates at constant prices, i.e. “in real terms”, over the years gives a measure of “real growth”. After introduction of the new series of National Accounts (Base 2011-12), back-series estimates of National Accounts Statistics (NAS) are compiled and released for the years preceding the new base year for completeness and comparability with old base data sets. The present release gives a snapshot of domestic product, capital formation (at industry/item level) and other macro-economic aggregates till the year 2004- 05, as per the new series of NAS with base year 2011-12.