Inter-District,House Burglars Gang busted by,VV Puram Sub-Division Police,31 cases Detected stolen property Worth Rs.84 Lakhs recovered.

Inter-District,House Burglars Gang busted by,VV Puram Sub-Division Police,31 cases Detected stolen property Worth Rs.84 Lakhs recovered. The South Division police of VV Puram Sub-Division’s C.K.Acchukattu,Girinagar, Hanumanthanagar,Police have arrested five notorious house burglars and recovered stolen property worth of Rs.84 Lakhs from them.Police also seized five two-wheelers and 20 grams of diamond bangles from their possession.
The accused has been identified as Imran Khan alias Chor Imran,of Valmikinagar in Mysuru Road,Khadir Ahmed (24), of Nayandahalli,Prakash alias Junglee (29), of Mathikere,Mahesh (25),of Nagasandra, and Dayanand alias Nanda (21), of Andrahalli Main Road.
Modus Operandi :
The gang used to target the homes that had newspapers lying outside of them and lights switched on during the daytime.The suspects broke into them at night.The gang’s arrest helped solve cases registered at Hanumanthanagar,JP Nagar, Sudduguntepalya, puttenahalli,Girinagar and CK Achukattu police stations.One of the suspects was involved in cases registered at the Lashkar police station in Mysuru.
Hanumanthanagar Police Inspector,prashanth and his crime staff has arrested two notorious infamous house burglary offenders identified as,Imran alias Chor imran and his associate identified as,Khadeer and with their arrest they have detected totally 8 cases registered against them in various police stations and recovered Rs.24 Lakh worth of 801 gram gold ornaments and  2.2 kg gram silver ornaments has been recovered from their possession.
Girinagar police inspector,Kottreshi and his crime staff has arrested notorious house burglar offender who targets lonely house by doing recee in his two wheeler he would visit the area and after scooting the area he used to search the house where the newspaper is not attended by the owner of the house or Rangoli is not drawn outside the house and after doing full recee in the morning in the night he used to commit offences and with the help of CCTV footage and with technical inputs the team has nabbed notorious house burglars identified as Prakash alias Junglee resident of Yeshwanthpur and with his arrest the team has detected 8 HBT cases registered against him in Girinagar police Station and recovered stolen property as 620 grams of gold ornaments and one Honda Dio a two wheeler which was used in commiting offences altogether worth of Rs.18 Lakhs has been recovered from his possession.
C.K.Achukattu Police Inspector,T.T.Krishna and his crime staff has arrested a habitual offender identified as Mahesh and associate identified as Dayanand alias Nanda who used to roam in their bike in the areas of girinagar,C.K.Achukattu and surrounding areas and they used to step near the locked house and used to check whether the newspaper is lying in the main door and they used to even see whether Rangoli is putted or not outside the house and to get confirm they used to do a double check in the night and in the late mid night or in the wee hours they used to gain entry from the backside of the house by breaking the door with iron rod and they used to ransack the house and escape with valuables and with the technical investigation skills the team has nabbed both the accused and recovered Rs.41.7 Lakhs worth of 1,200 gram gold ornaments,20 grams of diamond bangle,around 2kg of silver items,and 2 Pulsar bikes with two Apachee bikes used to commit offence and with their arrest the team has detected 15 cases registered against them in various police station across city.
DCP South,Dr.S.D.Sharanappa,told media persons,that under the supervision of ACP,VV Puram Sub-Division,Valli Basha with C.K.Achukattu Inspector,T.T.Krishna,Girinagar Inspector,Kottreshi,Hanumanthanagar Inspector Prashanth and their team have succeeded in arresting five notorious Inter-State dreaded criminals accused in house robbery crimes because of the arrest 31 house Robbery case in Bengaluru,Bengaluru outskirts and Mysuru have been detected and property worth of Rs.84 Lakhs has been recovered from their possession.In one case the miscreants has looted a house and escaped with a booty of Rs.41 lakhs as in this house our Beat police team has visited nearly 7 times and gave awareness them about how to take precautionary measures motion as security preventive measures we have requested them to install CCTV cameras,safety alarm,in their house,and keep watch on their house by informing their neighbours when they are away from the house there was no clue in this case as the gang used to wipe their finger prints with kercheiff and used to destroy all the evidence from the crime scene but with technical investigation skills our team got a vital clue and nabbed the notorious criminals he added.Bengaluru City Police Commissioner,T Suneel Kumar,told media persons that,A team under the leadership of Seemanth Kumar Singh and Dr.S.D.Sharanappa
the VV Puram Sub-Division Police of C.K. acchukattu,Hanumanthngar,and Girinagar police have arrested Five Notorious House Burglars.Who has an profession of commiting house burglaries,after arresting this five criminals they have recovered property worth Rs.84 Lakhs,which includes 2.6 kg of gold,4.2 kg of silver.These fellows in which one Imran alias Chor Imran this fellow who has 35 cases behind him after stealing this property he used to dispose the stolen property in the Ajmer.Imran Khan operated with a lot of aliases he and his wife would go to Ajmer there he would sell his loot when our police went there the businessmen there even protested against us but with the help of the Rajasthan police we have brought it back.He has 35 cases against him everytime we arrested him and sent him to jail he would procure bail and come out and continue his lifestyle only earning from house burglary.Prakash is a burglar he has 20 cases against him he used to lead a luxurious life he used to first steal and then make merry.Mahesh and Dayanand are also dreaded criminals who used to target lonely houses with the arrest of 5 dreaded criminals the cops have solved 31 House Burglary cases,and finally Bengaluru PolicCommissioner,T.Suneel Kumar,has appreciated,Addl CP,Seemanth Kumar Singh,DCP South,Dr.S.D.Sharanappa,ACP VV Puram Sub-Division,Valli Basha,PIs,as,T.T.Krishna,
Prashanth.K,B.M.Kottreshi,PSIs,as,AnjeenappaH.M,Kumarswamy,Kambaiah,K.N.Prasanna Kumar and K.L.Vinay and their crime staff as,Smt.Rajini,Mallikarjunaiah,Manjunath, Vishwanath,Mohan,Malappa Kumbhar,Kiran,Gavisiddaih,Krishna,Ramesh,Gurunath,Ningappa.A,Naveen Kumar, Pawan Kumar,Pradeep,Puttaswamy,D.V.Shadaksharswamy,Ramesh.B,Nanjundswamy,Yogesh,Manjunath.P,Ravi Kumar,and suresh with other crime staff has been appreciated for their exemplary work in catching five notorious dreaded criminals who has same Modus Operandi of commiting offences and one lakh reward will be given to the team who has done a commendable job in nabbing these criminals who were headache to the cops and residents to lead lavish lifestyle they used to commit offence and now they are cooling their heels in jail and further investigation is on he added.

Pramesh Jai