Dr. Swati Shah.

Bahrain a small Arab state is an island country on the western coast of the Persian Gulf. The
country offers you with rich, diversified culture and its history is old as Islam. On attaining
nationhood the country became the part of United Nations and the Arab league. The country
doesn’t partake land border with any other nation and can be considered as an archipelago of
thirty-three island but is well connected with Saudi Arabia by a 26 Km long bridge called the
King Fhad Causeway Being an island country is has been a major centre of trade routes since
ancient times. The economy is highly dependent on petroleum but tourism is also a fair
contributor in the economy.
The beautiful Arab country attracts tourist by its cultural sites, history and metro cities.
Though an Islamic country, the place doesn’t enforce strict Islamic laws on non – Muslims
and tourists, therefore is a popular destinations among tourist from all over the world. The
magnets that draws you to the place includes Oil museum and the first oil production well in
the Arabian gulf, Bait Al Quran signifying the house of ‘Quran’ which entails an
agglomeration of Holy Quran and related manuscripts, Al – Fatih Mosque is the largest
mosque of Bahrain and is open to people for all religion, the first mosque of the place known
as the Khamis Mosque, 15 th century Arad Fort, Bahrain fort on an artificial mound of 12 m is
an archaeological site, Dolphin watching in Gulf water, Gold souq which displays hallmarked
gold in infinite styles, high quality and low prices is tempting for tourist, people are attracted
by the Mesquite tree called the Tree of life which stands alone in the desert and is over 400
yrs, Bahrain International Circuit is a unique motor sport venue which provides
architecturally stunning and technologically advanced race track is a must visit.
The place can be visited round the year due to the stable weather conditions in the region but
one can decide on their preferred time based on the activities to be engaged in like Formula
one race attracts a large number of tourists. If your purpose is other than pilgrimage you
should avoid visiting the place during Ramadan and Eid holidays due to heavy rush.
The beauty of any destination can only be quoted in words but the reality lies in the true
experience of it.