Text of the PM’s statement ahead of the beginning of the Monsoon Session of Parliament

In the monsoon session of the Parliament, several pressing issues of the country need to be discussed extensively. The deeper the discussion, better will be the inputs from the senior and experienced members of the house and the country will be all more benefitted out of it. The government will also gain from quality suggestions in its decisions and policies. I hope that all the political parties will make maximum utilization of the houses’ time for carrying out important work. Everyone will completely cooperate and may the proceedings of the Parliament prove to be motivational and may it set an example for the states’ legislative assemblies as well. I hope all the political parties will do that. Time and again I have presented my hopes and aspirations and have also made efforts towards them. Even this time I once again present before you my hopes. We must strive for it yet again and we will make relentless efforts. The government is prepared to discuss and debate on any issue that any political party or a member intends to. In this Monsoon, heavy rains have caused serious challenges in some parts of the country while there has been a rain deficit in other parts. I believe that discussing these issues will be quiet relevant. Thanks a lot!