Dr.Kaamini Verma, associate professor K.N.Govt.P.G.College, Gyanpur, Bhadohi U.P.
Self mastery,sencual appetites, beneficence, patience, liberality, renunciation etc.thse types of human and personal qualities,are included in indian culture and each Indian people.Internal and external holiness lighten human life here . Participation of spiritual approach in each activity here,morale is essence and fibre is key factor here.
Marriage and family is fundamental institute of life.In Indian culture marriage is not contract but it is a sacrament here which provide mobility to nature cycle,in this sacrament ‘ Kanyadan’given by daughter’s father after analyzing and investigation of family’ Sakrit KanyaPradiyente Chin the tha
‘.Marriage provide female rights on father in law, mother in law, sister in law, brother in law as an bless of her sasura ( women’s new husband home)
Husband and wife both are consolidated owner of husband’s house and property and any religious celebration can not be completed without wife.
Now a days where globalization is effective And make aviral place due to internet facility and be a centralized house or family but materialistic culture sheltered here.The possession of relation and value is effective here in changing scenario..There are many changes in global level and Indian culture also adopt western culture, rapid changes in the structure of stociety and family.There are major changes in the thinking and condition of women here, now they are not only included in family but also their major Participation in society and they also be a torch bearer to society, today they are not only demanding liberty but also they consuming it, in this condition the new conflict arises due to patriarchal system commanding whole and sole by husband, generally he can’t recognized equal status availing by his wife in family’,so now a days the conflict is not between two persons but two groups or casts.
Competition with each other making stress in workplaces, jealous, physical and mental torture and bad strategy construct by male person for women, these types of levels break the morale and confidence of women’, so womens are also desirous for finding relax atmosphere in place of close and depressed atmosphere, due to this tendency female live with male person without marriage sacrament in other word, ‘ Live in relationship’,in this relationship they are living together but there
is no matrimonial relationship between them,most commonly presence of this situation in metropolis.
Existence of this type of relationship is honey relationship only, in case of image or ego they are entitled for sale ration without any legal procedure in comparison of divorc.
This type of relationship not recognize by Indian law but at present according to Indian law any adult person can make sexual relationship with free concent of each other,it is not illegal according to law,It means according to Suprime Court of India there is no an offence when male and female persons are living together.
Increasing in tendency of ‘LIVE IN RELATIONSHIP’ continuously in metropolis withal debate in this topic in favour favour and adverse.This type of relationship recognised by the follower of progressive thinkers, according to them, this type of relationship is not the gift of materialistic culture but in native stociety this type of relationship is part of society from antiquity period named ‘ GHOTUL’ tradition.In this tradition nubile mail and miss are living together for some time and if they like to each other so they get married, otherwise they can Left each other for searching another destination.
The followers of Indian culture are not agreed this type of live in relationship, according to them if this type of tradition followed by Indian government in this case the meaning or definition Will be change of wife of Indian penal code section 125.
If live in relationship performed by people before marriage and sexual relationship made by them,in this condition the scenario will be change of marriage and some obsticl face by related people.
Of course this is too necessary to thinking about this matter thorrowly and seriously for social, cultural,pride of life, prosperity, growth and continuity of nation.In India marriage and family both are backbone of Indian society.Exectlythe existence of family’depends on disciplined matrimonial relationship,in society the interdependent relationship of marriage and family, without family it cannot be possible the protection of human being , culture and formation of family is not possible without marriage.
Social acceptably is must for living respected livelihood.Now the question arises that, the progressive class of society is desirous to adopt live in relationship without marriage or this type of society is protecting live in relationship as an alternative? But at present Indian society and people are not in this type of advanceness and progressive mentality they can’t leave their morale value and culture generally.
Incentive or innecitating this type of morale value is not modernity but abberation.Morality is the vital part of sound society, afterall adopting economic liberism the reality of live in relationship can’t be ignored,self dependency , equality, demand of liberty, work together,late marriage, avoiding social responsibility, people are diverting for this this tendency due to some opportunity arises in service sector,but the bad effect of live in relationship is not least possibility of increasing in women torture in this phenomenon.
A male person will leave the lady after passing some time with her without providing her social security, when sexual excitement will increase in male person where female lady will file a suit being as wife and she will be demanded property of male person.If breakage found in social and cultural institution, in this condi youth people may be unfettered, bith of child after live in relationship may be frustrated due to non acceptably of society to them, infact live in relationship is the adoption of western culture it demand sexual relationship without the culture of marriage.Ind8an culture always always capable for world humanity for tagging in single thread.’ Vasudhav Kutumbkam’ it means whole world or ground is family., it’s ideal finding here, the entity of male-female ( husband, wife) just like word and it’s meaning.” Bahudha big Sampritkoo” it means they are entityless without each other.The imaraton of Lord Shiva as an Ardhnarishweer.In this place the level of characterin top level with devoted thinking where Urmila without Laxman and Laxman without Urmila, live in relationship not adopted by them.They passesvTheir livelihood without adultery.Indian culture provides universal ideal for world welfare and also construct an ideal environment also.It also inetiate for good working only for present generation but also for future generations.
If live in relationship adopted by Indian society in this case incoming generation will be treated guilty in future to present generation,so this is the duty of society for incouraging and avoiding live in relationship in India for protecting the image and structure of marriage and family.