Christine Storm’s Clubwear” Enters into Indian Market, seeks distribution partner

May 2018

After a successful showcase of her designs at the recently held fashion show in Delhi, Christine Storm has entered into the Indian market and seeks distribution partners. “The Label Christine Storm’s Clubwear will be retailed in the Indian markets through Online, Pro – shops and high end boutiques. The collection that would be available in the Indian markets will be mid and high end range comprising of the Golf and the resort line. The USP of the collection is that one can wear it on the fields and also during an evening affair” said Christine Storm.


Christine adds “I am very excited to launch my Golf and Resort line in the Indian market. My collection has found a place on the world map too that is why it is imperative to promote our Indian endeavour. I hope to create a new language of high definition glamour, once we introduce our garments in the Indian market

The collection comprised of her signature Golf & resort line consisting of dresses, trousers, shirts in varied colors and cuts.

 Christine Storm Golf line has been founded on the belief that women golfers can be athletic and chic at the same time without having to choose.  We use high performance athletic fabrics to allow our golfers to feel their best on the course “

About Christine Storm

 National recording artist and designer Christine Storm has performed throughout the world, has been a prolific songwriter, and continues to tap into her wide range of life experiences for her music. Christine’s influences range from Alice Cooper to Blood, Sweat, and Tears, all the way across the spectrum to Kate Bush and Prince.

She has lived most of her life travelling as an entertainer in the United States and abroad in Las Vegas style shows and night clubs, where she worked alongside costumers, tailors and designers. In between her singing and acting jobs, she worked as a cart girl on golf courses!

It was there that the wheels began to turn for her label “Clubwear”, taking couture inspired golf clothes from the course to the club with a change of a shoe! While watching golfers on the course she began to imagine lines on the body that might be put there from a high-end designer or costumer that would allow someone to look taller and slimmer while still effortlessly swinging the club, freeing them from the boxy, unflattering attire she was witnessing.