Indian Artist Ms. Seema Kohli is showcasing “Tree of Life” at India Art Fair 2018

Tree of Life” is inspired by 1st verse, 15th Chapter, Bhagwatgita in which Krishna explains to Arjuna that life is like a Banyan tree. We create the continuation of our existence by our own actions. These actions are like the roots of the banyan tree, which keep expanding and just like our karmas keep us entangled in our own births and rebirths. This is also the khel of maya. Her artworks consist of ‘acrylics and inks on canvas with 24ct gold and silver leaf

Seema Kohli’s artworks are being represented at Gallerie Veda at booth D7 with her bronze sculpture and paintings. By Gallerie Nvya at E5 with her Tree of Life, fiber sculptures. Gallery Ragani shows her small format etchings at E7. 

The art work will be displayed at India Art Fair 2018, scheduled from 9th – 12th February 2018, at the NSIC Ground, Okhla.

multi – media, multi deminsiobal artist & sculptor, Seema Kohli says “The tree of life for me is a very important element of nature and is probably there in all my works. It is as important as the embryonic form, as is it representational of steadfastness, rootedness, probably the only element of nature which expresses the connection of all the three worlds, or the trinity in Hindu mythology—the world beneath us (where the actual creation takes place, tamas)- Brahma, the world we are living in- Vishnu (or the sustenance or growth, rajas) —— and also the heavens or the unknown –Mahesh (sattva, the seat of salvation or truth)”. 




Seema Kohli has created her own niche in the world of contemporary art. Her creative repertoire is eclectic and encompassing a wide range of mediums. Her work has redefined the basic contours of figurative art in India, finding admirers across the planet. Kohli has had over 30 solo shows. Her work can be seen as public art as murals at the T3 Delhi International Airport, ONGC Building amongst others. Her works are a part of various private and public collections like Melinda Bill Gates Foundation, Museums including Rubin’s Museum and MOSA-Brussels to name a few. In 2017 she has been invited by prestigious Universities in USA to share her experiences as an artist of many hues.