-Utkarsh Upadhyay
Darshan Rajpurohit a Engineer,  Artist and an effective orator.
He was born on 18 November, 1993 in Rajasthan.
He had his schooling from Blossoms Sunderbai Thakersay English High School , Churchgate.
And graduation from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology,  Andheri.
He says he’s pretty outspoken from the start.  The started writing in English first and that too around like two years ago. Once he was sitting in a lecture and was bored so he started penning down his thoughts and surprisingly  it turned out to be good.  So he continued writing. But one day he saw a guy perform in Hindi on Mythology,  poetry on God-Vishnu. He got so influenced that he went back home and tried Hindi.
He found Hindi more expressive and much more impactful.
So then he continued writing in Hindi.  He write more on social issues,  society and Religion compared to Love.
His hobby is to travel alone and he had visited almost 20 states out of 29 states in India and that too alone.
He says he had got confidence of public speaking from his Dad who’s Shankar Singh Rajpurohit who’s MLA from Ahore in Rajasthan.
And since he has roots in Rajasthan he like to write in Hindi.
His Videos on YouTube are going Viral day by day… People from India,  Pakistan and many other countries appreciated his  work.
His 2 videos on YouTube are popularized a lot.
His one video “ALI” is posted and appreciated by Senior Congress Leader Digvijaya Singh on Facebook.
One of his quote is “Like for art there are no differences In political parties”
His work “Ali” is a great example of how peace should be envisioned by humanity today and is a must watch for India Pakistan peace lovers.
“Kiye jo tune paap hai, Rakha maine hisaab hai, Chupa nahin hai mujh se kuch, Khuli teri kitaab hai…”
                                                                                                                                                           – Modern Hindi Poet Darshan Rajpurohit
“Hindi poetry was in fashion a long time back. Now, the trend has returned. But today, people don’t like reading these poems from books as much as hearing it outside.” – Said Darshan Rajpurohit.